The Property Developer Part Two 

His cock was driving into her: the slap of his balls, the thrusting,and his expression of real effort all served to get her really fired up. She was loving this youth, this energy that he mounted her with. Goddamn it, he’s even arranged a pillow underneath her butt to lift up her pelvis and improve the position. He knows too much, this boy.

“I love fucking old pussy” he says with glee, his cheeks rosy.

“Never fucking say that to me again” she spits, her face metaphorically slapped. 

But the sex is so good, so wanton, so wrong she forgives him. 
They switch positions, she is now on top. This is her favourite position, the one that ALWAYS makes her come. She’s riding him with no shame, he’s apologising for his puppy fat, his hairy chest. She gives not a fig. He has a man’s body and he is between her legs. She comes hard whilst he is sucking her breasts, and she has to tell him because he’s asking every five minutes if she has yet. 
She rolls off and lies next to him. 

“Just so you know, I’m not looking for anything serious” he pants, still out of breath. 

She doesn’t laugh, but grins to herself. “Who said I was?” Is her retort. 
He keeps joking that she can leave now they’ve fucked. It’s now midnight, they roll together to face each other, like kids at a sleepover. They chat about this and that for a while, his upcoming holiday, her job. 

Suddenly he roughly inserts his fingers into her pussy without any warning. It takes her breath away. She feels for his cock, soft at her touch. He apologises. 

She goes down on him, slowly lapping around the head, swirling her tongue across the shaft. 

“God you know how to do this don’t you?” He whispers. 

She grins again and swallows his length. 

“Can you touch my belly with your nose?” 

She does and gags on his cock. She’s enjoying teasing him. 

She stops and looks at him. Hands behind his head, the cad. 

“Don’t ever stop” he urges. 
She doesn’t come this time but she feels him fill her despite the condom. He pulls it off and continues to wank himself, saying he wants to come on her tits. 

He furiously fists his cock in her direction, her tongue lazily licking the end. 

“You’ve already cum babe” she suggests. 

“Yeah, it was the BJ. Classic” 

They fall asleep with the lights on. 

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