Finally, summer had hit the city. And it seemed stupid to just go home and sit in front of the TV. I picked up a chilled bottle of wine from M&S along with olives, antipasti, bread and dips. 

I settled down on my jacket and waited, dropped a pin so he knew where I was. I’d chosen a shaded bit near a huge tree, the leaves casting dappled light on the scorched grass. I took my sandals off and watched an ant run up my shin. 

Other people had the same idea – couples snuggled together, a circle of friends or maybe work colleagues with a bottle for each of them and an assortment of snacks, picnic baskets and cool bags. Organised. 

I spotted him in the distance, with his rucksack and Raybans. He waved and jogged over. His kisses were salty and hot. 

“I got Prosecco and strawberries, that okay?” 

“Sure, fancy something savoury?” I asked, showing him the bag I’d brought.

“I can see your pants” he sniggered. 

I wriggled out of the cross legged position I’d been in. “Bloody hell, most men wouldn’t complain” 

“It wasn’t a complaint.” And he meant it. I flushed red. 

He flopped down next to me, pulling the goodies out of his rucksack. “You got cups?” he asked,  placing a hand on my thigh.

“Oh fuck, no” I said and blushed again, what an idiot. He popped the Prosecco and offered it to me. “Let’s drink from the bottle then”

I took a swig and giggled, dribbling a tiny bit down my mouth. He reached for my chin and licked it. Then licked my lips, slipping his tongue inside my mouth and grabbing my waist. Hello instant pant-wetting. 

He stopped and drank from the bottle. 

“I can smell you from here.” He tossed back his head to get his hair out of his eyes. 

I didn’t blush this time. I didn’t blush as his fingers toyed with the lace pants I had on, underneath my dress. I didn’t flinch as he massaged my clit through the material. I moved ever so gently at his touch. 

“You’re wet already aren’t you?” 

He slowly pulled my knickers to the side. The fresh air hit my cunt and I bit my lip. I lazily glanced around and grabbed the bottle again. His finger slipped inside and reader, I gently rode it. No-one was looking, no-one had any idea what was going on. The group had all got up to play frisbee, a dog barked somewhere behind me and couples lay down enjoying the last of the sun. 

“Lick it. I dare you.” 

He didn’t need asking twice. 

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