It was about time

I’m opening the wine in the kitchen – just for him. I’m not having any because I have a big day tomorrow, sensible as usual. suddenly he’s in there with me, behind me, pushing my dress up past my hips, fingers in my pants, probing. I feel his cock, he pushes my hands behind my back to hold it, he’s already hoicked it out of his skinny jeans. It’s smooth and hard and hot.

I spread my legs and he slides my soaking knickers down my legs, I step out of one hole, the other is still around my ankle. my dress rides up to my waist. 

quickly he enters me, I gasp and steady myself on the worktop. I gaze down at the floor and realise it needs cleaning. he thrusts into me and I bend to find the right angle. it’s naughty and dirty, I’ve never been fucked in the kitchen before, and that alone is a turn on. he slowly stabs my pussy and I love how the angle is deliciously not quite right. 

Horny, unsated and hot ; we retire to the sofa. I’ve already told him I need head and he bends me into an uncomfortable position, one hip on, one hip off. I go with it, but I’m focusing too hard on trying to come. I hold his head closer as he laps and licks inside me, but my legs and hips are out of kilter and I can’t relax. his fingers are inside me and I push them out, preferring the soft nibble of his tongue at my clit. 

I can’t take the teasing anymore, I’m desperate to come. Nikes still on, I squat on him and bounce up and down on his perfect cock. I take off his shirt, he takes off my bra.

he grabs at my tits, biting and sucking them more then he’s done before, squeezing and holding them tight. it hurts but it’s good. 

he says something about me being great at this. we are both covered in sweat and my hair resembles a nest. he looks good. I feel good. 

I stop and change position slightly, angling my legs differently but still riding him as if my life depends on it. both my feet are on the cushions, legs bent and his dick is popping in and out. our mouths clash and bite and suck each other hungrily. he moves, or switches up the rhythm and I’m gone, his teeth clamp my nipples and that is it, oh god that is what I needed.