The Certified Gas Engineer

It was a spur of the moment decision. He’d suggested he drive to my workplace to meet – apparently he was 7 minutes away and just about to walk into the tanning salon. 

I had a meeting and was pretty sure 20 minutes wasn’t enough time. I said no. 

And then I changed my mind. I was having a stressful day, week, month. The sun was shining. I was lunching outside and the meeting would end by 2.30pm. What could go wrong? 

He arrived early and tried to call me. Instead of heading back to my desk I walked out of the building and around the corner, my pussy already throbbing. 

I called him back and directed him to where I was. I climbed into the passenger seat of the van, disregarding everything about not talking to strangers. “How old are you again?” I asked. “30”. He looked younger. 

He was ridiculously tanned, with white teeth and beautiful brown eyes. His arms taut as he gripped the steering wheel. We drove to a place that wasn’t so crowded and he asked for a kiss. 

I asked what we were going to do and what was in the back of the van. “It’s full, I mean you can have a look if you want?” 

I climbed into the passenger footwell. “How about like this?” I suggested. And then glanced out of the window. It was way too public. 

“Come and have a look at the back then, I can move the boiler out of the way”. 

I clambered out. And climbed into the back. There was a bit of room, it didn’t smell and wasn’t dusty. I told him to get in. 

I pretended to look at the racks of drills and “spaners” – everything was neat and labelled. He held my chin and tilted my head to his. 

I undid his jeans and underneath were pants as white as his teeth. Then the lights went off. 

“I can’t really work in the dark” I giggled. 

He locked the van from inside and switched the lights back on. I knelt, he half bent to free his cock and gently put it in my mouth. He smelt clean with a hint of sweat. I hardly looked at his cock but noted his balls were shaved and very quickly he was stiff.

He groped for my tit and I threw my dress over my head. He twisted my nipple hard and my cunt seeped. He pushed the back of my neck onto his cock and I said no. He pulled one breast out of my bra and bent to suck it. He thrust into my mouth, his thighs around my ears. 

I tasted what I thought was precum and carried on sucking, pulling his cock out of my mouth and concentrating on his balls, lapping them like the cat that got the cream. 

His cock softened, what was I doing wrong? He held it and massaged his balls. I went at it again. 

“I came ages ago” he suddenly said. “You should invite me over, it’s such a shame you’re on your period, I could have fingered you”

I was shocked, how did I miss that? He’d come within a minute of me starting. 

We climbed out, returned to the front seat. He drove me back to work. 

I went back with a huge grin on my face, the smell of his cock on my hands.