The Return

I hadn’t seen him in 6 months. The last was the week before Christmas. Each time this year, his texts had come through at the wrong time or I had been in the wrong place. Of course there had been guys since him, but he was almost a myth: the dictionary definition of a no-strings arrangement. No dramas, just sex. I didn’t even know his real name. 

This time worked. Only just. 

He arrived looking as if he’d stepped off a St Tropez beach, in flip flops, long shorts and pastels. Like a Ralph Lauren model. I led him upstairs and we stood a little awkwardly. Small talk, then he kissed me. His smell, his smell. I had missed this. I was boiling hot and yet summer rain pattered on the skylight. A trickle of sweat ran down my back. 

He felt for my breasts outside my dress, cupped them hard. My hands went down to his belt and miraculously for once, unclasped it with one motion, his shorts falling down to the floor with a thud. 

I pulled out his cock from his clean white pants, he stepped out of them and I knelt on the floor in front of him. I looked up and he closed his eyes. I swallowed his cock and began to suck, my hands gripping the back of his thighs, his ass, whatever I could to stay balanced. I held his gaze and he threw his head back. I licked his balls and the underside of his dick. I pulled off the dress and unclipped the bra, his hand immediately cupping my breasts again. 

My nose touched his taut stomach, not once did he force me onto him or hold my head. My left kneecap buckled, I seemed to be knelt on a button or something. I reached down to finger myself.  He exhaled and we shuffled around so I was on the bed, him on top kissing me. 

Oh reader, how he teased me with the tip of his cock as he licked and sucked my nipples, first one then the other and my juices now flowing, the need to have him inside me was acute. His fingers found my pussy and he worked his way down from my chest to start kissing me there. I opened my legs and wrapped one around his shoulder, the other hanging awkwardly off the bed. He worked his magic with hands and tongue and I was transported, in utter pleasure but then one of our phones vibrated, someone calling one of us. It totally threw me. No-one ever called me so it must have been his. His wife, his girlfriend? I’d now lost my stride. He came back up to kiss me, the taste of me on his lips. I held his beautiful shoulders.  He reached over for condoms and unrolled one, watched me toying with my clit, sitting back on his haunches ready to dive in.  At this point I noticed he was sniffing a little and had a red nose. “Hayfever?” I asked ” yes, it’s terrible” he blinked.

“I’ll go on top then” I said – he fell back on the bed and I climbed onto his sheathed cock. I rode him hard, he submitted and lay almost still, but held my legs somehow and bit my nipples which drove me crazy. I was so close to coming, he grew redder and then grunted. 

“I’m sorry. I came” 

“Fuck you” I laughed. ” I was really close then”. I offered. 

I jumped off him and got dressed. He went to the bathroom and then ran downstairs saying:

 ” I’ve really got to dash” 

And dash he did. 

I was still too hot so gathered my things to leave and get some air. As I fastened my sandals I noticed an odd mark on my knee. It was where I had knelt on his button. A small indent surrounded by red dots. I grinned.