New Year, New Dick: Part One

I was angry. Fuming. All I seemed to be getting lately was snubbed. So when I replied to his message in a rage I didn’t really expect to meet him.
But there he was. Right there facing the door. With a tie on. Smartly dressed and punctual. I was already impressed.
He was into big boobs. And I could deliver, in spades. We shared some anecdotes about dating and he questioned me on a few things. I’d flippantly said that giving an excellent blow job was all about the angle. He was intrigued to know more, of course. He’d boasted of having 8 thick inches – but don’t a lot of them? Don’t a lot lie about size and height?
I’m cynical, I know.
I shouldn’t be. He was a bit of a gent. Clean and nervous, judging from the way he kept biting his nails.
He needn’t have been. You can tell in the first minute whether you’re going to fuck someone and I had already decided. I think he had as well.


He insisted we get a cab, despite me living very close to the bar we’d met in. He told me he never travelled by bus. It was hard to tell if he was joking or not, I didn’t really care. I’d had a stressful day and I deserved this.

I gave him the guided tour, ending in the bedroom. He stood, back to the chest of drawers waiting for a cue.
“I suppose you want to see these” I teased, looking at my tits.
“Are they really 30F? I mean, I wouldn’t know how to check.”
Ah men.
He apologised that his hands were cold. It was actually a delicious thrill. He felt my tits outside of my dress. I felt my knickers moisten. I lifted the dress off and he pulled at the bra cups to take a look. I undid it and his hands were all over them, squeezing and pulling the nipples. My hands went around his waist and our hips clashed.
His body was slim but ripped, he had abs with incredible definition.

Now reader, I could already tell there was quite a lot in the trouser area but I didn’t want to rip my present open just yet. We kissed, but not very much. He was really into licking and sucking my boobs.
Finally his trousers were off and his dick hung to his left like well, I don’t know what. A shelf?
We rubbed against each other and I peeked inside his Calvins.
Lord above it was massive.
Definitely 8 inches.
He pulled it out for me to take a look.
“Fuck, that is one big dick”
He shrugged.
“Is it?”
“It is” I stated.
I hadn’t seen anything that huge for quite some time.