New Year, New Dick: Part Two

I bent down to it and took a closer look.
He was pretty hairless, had an outy belly button and huge smooth balls. His cock was longer than my handspan easily. The girth, the girth!
Very clean. smelt good.
“You can lick my balls if you like”
I laughed. I admired his cheek.
I started to lick them and he grunted, still holding his cock.
I ran my tongue up the shaft and swirled around the end. Gee whizz this was a toughie. I have a small mouth.
I started by licking all around the head, tasting his precum, getting a feel for the size. I didn’t gulp, but had this been a cartoon, the thought bubble would have been hanging over my head. I had a lot of work to do.
It felt like my mouth barely fitted around the end. If there was a prize for effort, I deserved it.
He’d said that no woman has managed to swallow it all down. Now I knew why. It was impossible.
I daydreamed whilst nuzzling on the end, enjoying his moans. I wondered how it would feel inside me. Would it hurt?
He hadn’t even touched me yet. But that was about to change.
I leaned forward and changed position, my tits hanging over his cock. I disentangled myself from my knickers.
He grabbed my chest, plunging his cock between my breasts and started rubbing it up and down. Somehow, with his other hand he found my pussy.
Slid a finger in and I slurped.
“That’s a very wet pussy” he said, his digits sliding in and out of me, faster and faster.
“You feel like you might be really tight”
I never know what the appropriate response is here. So I keep quiet.
Apart from the moans of course. it felt good.

Very soon I was sliding a condom over that huge member and sliding on top of him. It was a tight fit alright, something I haven’t felt for long time. It was also hard to move with such a beast inside me, I could have quite happily stayed put.
But his body writhed underneath me and I wriggled and there was finally some purchase there. Oh my that, was too good. I came quickly, probably within five minutes. But continued to ride him, well, who wouldn’t.

His hands were on my ass, my tits, everywhere. He bent his head up and licked my nipples. Then politely asked if I would lie down and he fuck me.

As he pounded into me and pulled my legs higher and higher I gazed into the mirror at his peachy ass. I was pretty squashed, he pulled up and out of me, inspecting the condom and adjusting it. I assumed he had come already.
He paused, then plunged into me again. And again. I couldn’t remember anyone ever using this technique on me. He really teased me, and I was going crazy.
“Play with your tits, I’m going to come” he shuddered.
He pushed his cock into my chest and we managed to put together a royal titfuck – him holding his cock between my breasts with the flat of his palm and me pushing my tits together.
He came in beautiful great white creamy globules right between my tits. Glorious.