The Writer: Part Two

I clambered back into bed with him.
“You do realise I’m going to molest you for most of the night don’t you?” He said.
I laughed and said I didn’t have a problem with that.
He spooned me and began to kiss my neck. Every inch. I was in heaven. He was like an excitable puppy, ferociously gulping me down, tasting my skin. And I was loving it. His compliments made me blush, but swelled my pride.
His hands roamed.
“You have the most amazing bum”.
“why thank you”
“Let me look at it”
I rolled over onto my front. His hands ran over my curves.
“It really is a picture”
He bit it.
I cried out, in shock more then pain.
” You’re crazy” I giggled
“Can I take a photo of it?”


His fingers teased my pussy again, his arms were wrapped around my neck. It was uncomfortable but secretly I enjoyed the constraint. I couldn’t move my head very much. But my hips thrust against him and his fingers slipped inside me. His erection pressed into my back. His hands moved to grab my breasts again.
I couldn’t stand it any more, I couldn’t play coy.
“I think it’s time you fucked me.” I said, hardly believing the words had come from my mouth.
“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do!”
I briefly went down on him before we started, his cock was hard and cut, a very delicious specimen. His moans and shakes indicated I was doing a good job.
“Oh god you’re so, so good at that”
I pulled up.
He reached into the drawers beside his bed, apologising that he only had latex-free condoms.
Having never experienced this phenomena, I was agog when he produced his dick.
It looked like he’d wrapped it in cling film. I said so.
“My ex was allergic”
“I think I might be allergic to latex free, on appearance!”
I got around the fact it sounded like a plastic bag, so great was my desire to have him inside me.
I rode him, but hardly had to move as his enthusiasm matched his thrusts. He pounded me from below, his hands on my legs, in my hair, kissing me, on my tits. His mouth on my nipples again. He couldn’t leave me alone.
It was hot, fiery, passionate and fulfilling. He came loudly and thankfully.

We spent the night and most of the morning chatting and fucking. Enjoying each other’s bodies.

He said all of the things I’ve needed to hear for a long time. Every time one of us fell asleep, the other would wake them up. And start all over again.

I went under the covers and took his cock in my hand, sliding it up and down.He thrust his cock into my mouth, holding my head gently. His hands ran through my hair. His tenderness moved me.


It was mid morning by now and my cunt was sore, my legs were tired and I needed to leave. I didn’t want to outstay my welcome.

I couldn’t resist climbing back onto his delicious cock once more. Over the last few hours he’d come in my mouth, inside me, over my pussy and half the bed. Four times. He was a demon, and this after a night of drinking.
I’d not come at all.

If I’m honest, the fact I was sore was bittersweet. The pain was a turn on. As soon as his hips started to move underneath me I was gone. My orgasm was a relief. I put my clothes back on and told him to stay in bed.
“I’ve got to let you out though.” He got dressed while I fixed my hair and makeup.

We ended up going for brunch together, like a normal couple. He kissed me goodbye as I got on the bus
“it was nice to meet you”. he said.