The Writer :Part One

I didn’t plan to get laid that night. But as you know dear reader, unplanned sex is undoubtedly, absolutely the best.

I’d got to the party later than expected. According to my friend it was winding down – however when I arrived there were still two full tables of people. I got a drink and managed to find a seat to catch up with the birthday girl. The party was mostly couples, but I was reliably informed there was an eligible man on the way. I’m not normally down for matchmaking – but as soon as he walked in, I gave her the nod.
We were introduced briefly and then ignored each other. For a moment we thought he was already with someone who he’d arrived with – but it was a false alarm.
A few people moved around and he came to sit with us. He was funny, sharp as a tack and deliciously young. Cute with it. We moved closer together and our legs brushed together, a hand on the shoulder, a laugh.
Eventually everyone went and we were left alone. Despite a boozy day, I appeared to have drunk myself sober. It was past 2am by now. I already knew he lived nearby, I just wanted to wait for his line.
He played with his hair an awful lot and I joked it should be me doing that.
He told me to unpin my hair and make like I was on a shampoo ad. I did and he grasped me by the neck and kissed me.

We got to the point where we couldn’t drink any more. He mentioned the fact the shooting stars should be visible about now and that he had a roof terrace we could watch them from. I got on my coat quicker than you could say “Geminid”.

We stood on his roof and spun round trying to see the stars. As I squinted into the night sky, he held my chin and kissed me again properly. Hard, a kiss full of need. His hands went round my waist and I threw mine around his neck. It was cold, but he was a great kisser.

We went inside and he made me tea. I looked through his CD collection and was shocked to find my own tastes manifest in his. His house was freezing, and I crept under the covers to keep warm. He joined me fully clothed.
He asked if he could take my dress off, saying he’d been looking at the zip all night and wanting to take it off.
I removed it, and folded it carefully on his drawers. His room was like a teenage boys and I didn’t want it to get lost in there.
“wow, that is an incredible bra” he gasped.
“wait until you see my pants” I laughed.
He felt around my tights. ” there doesn’t seem to be much of them?”.
I couldn’t remember which ones I was even wearing. Ah yes, those with the cage back.
“Are these your normal pants? They’re pretty fancy”
“yup, I like fancy pants.”
We writhed around on the bed. He was already hard, I could feel it through his boxers. (did I mention he’d taken his clothes off?)
I took off my bra and his attention focused on my tits, perhaps a little too much. I told him off for biting my nipples too hard.
Suddenly, he whipped off my pants in one fell swoop and dived down there, his forehead pressed against my crotch, his tongue tickling my clit. Both his hands gripped my thighs, holding me against the bed. Fucking hot. I threw my head back and moaned for England.
He had a way with words, but this was something else. His tongue teased my clit, I pushed his head down further as the hit was too intense. I felt like we were having a battle. His tongue vs my clit. He was down there for what felt like hours, the bed was soaked through.

A while later I had to go to the loo. As I flushed and closed the door behind me, something black moving on the floor stopped me in my tracks. I screamed. It screamed and ran off.

I made it back into the bedroom, half laughing, half shaking.

” You’ve met the cat then” he said.