Sunday Brunch

He was right on time. Wearing a battered leather jacket, his hair slicked with too much product. We grabbed at each other as soon as he closed the door.
His hands quickly found my suspenders and stockings and he sighed.
“Nice underwear”
“I thought I’d make an effort”
We ran upstairs. I fumbled with my dress, then decided to take it off. His arms went around my waist and we kissed again.
Very soon I was kneeling on the floor, his delicious cock in my mouth, his hands gently supporting my head. I looked up at him, he was groaning and watching me.
He grabbed at my breasts, trying to tease them out of my bra, I stood up and then lay back on the bed while he did the comedy dance of trying to get out of his trousers.
I took off my knickers, forgetting I’d done up the back suspenders clasps after putting them on, Fuck it.
He knelt between my legs and started to lick. And suck, and push his fingers inside me. I scampered around the bed, enjoying the attention my cunt was getting. The suspenders and stockings were a great idea, the view was splendid.
As I bucked and writhed, he upped the pace until his digits were stabbing me to the quick and his hand pressed my clit. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him he was finger fucking me too hard but the slight pain was actually a turn-on.
He leant over me to pull the bedside drawer open and take out a condom. I loved that he knew which one. Sentimental, I know.
He had some new moves. First he tried to fuck me with my legs straight pushed together which didn’t work at all. Then, missionary for a while with his beautiful bronzed body pressing down on me. Then sideways – also a disaster.
I got on top, and rode him for England, the universe and the Galaxy. Meanwhile he nipped at my breasts with his teeth, and pulled my hair.
I couldn’t come.
Then he pressed a finger on my clit and I couldn’t move. I even told him.
“Do you want to use a vibrator?”
“I never use one with anyone” I said, not wanting to dismount to get it.
I didn’t want to go anywhere. An orgasm would have ended the pleasure I was feeling in every inch of my body.
He flipped me over and ran his hands over my ass, squeezing and stroking, then grasping me firmly by the hips he drove into me hard.
It took my breath away, and felt so so good.
I gathered my strength and pushed back against him, he thrust four or five times very hard and I almost came.
He pulled out of me and I noticed the condom’s tip was full of his cum, more than usual. He was panting hard, and let out a sigh.
He stood up, legs shaking. I knelt on the bed panting.
I was hot. His face was red.

As he did up his shoes sitting on the bottom of the stairs I asked if he liked red or white wine.
“I can’t have a drink, I’m driving!”
“I was going to give you a bottle”
I handed him the Merlot and he kissed me.
“if I don’t see you before, have a good Christmas”

After he left I laughed a lot. I hadn’t even planned that exchange. Made me seem almost human didn’t it?