The Civil Servant : Part Five

I came quickly, because goddammit I needed to. I’d thought about it earlier while he talked, watching his lips, imagining them pressed against my cunt.
As I shuddered, my legs losing control, his tongue worked quickly to lick up all my juices and heighten my orgasm.
As I clambered off him and made my way down his body he finally spoke:
“thank you mistress, thank you for coming”.
I smiled at him, and kissed his mouth, tasting myself on him.
I undid my bra, letting my breasts fall. He immediately sat up and started to lick them. My heart warmed at his obedience, his worship of me. I implored him to bite them, but he was gentle. I held his head closer to my breast as he worked his tongue around my nipple.
I bent down and started to tease his cock, sliding my tongue around his smooth shorn balls and the root of his dick. He moaned as I flicked my tongue over his shaft and around his head.
“mistress are you going to let me come?”
“not yet slave. Be patient”
His cock was so hard, all I wanted was to feel it inside me.
I took out a condom and rolled it onto him. It was like a loaded gun, tightly sprung, ready to go off at any moment.
I sat right on his dick and eased him into me. It was delicious, we both groaned with delight.
“Mistress, you feel so good I could fuck you forever. I want to keep my cock inside you for as long as possible”.
I smiled.
We fucked slowly, then quickly, then slowly until my legs wouldn’t work any more. Neither of us could come, but the pleasure was intense. Like a unicorn flying towards the sun, or flames licking a pile of logs. Yes, I had both those visions.
We lay beside each other for a while, and then I remembered the strap on.
“You’ve been a very good slave tonight, would you like your surprise again?
Of course he nodded.