The Civil Servant: Part Four

No. I wasn’t sure there would be a part four either. But I’m glad there was.

He brought chocolates. We drank wine. We talked for hours about politics, education, science, maths and further maths. Hell, I even showed him the new Beyoncé video. I also made sure he had more than a glimpse of my stocking tops.

Soon our lips were drawn together and we danced around each other’s mouths, barely touching. I straddled him, taking his hair in my hands.
I asked him if he would like to join me upstairs and fetched his lead. Earlier, I had put it around my own neck for the first time. It made me wet in the same way trying on the strap on again did.

He dutifully took off his shirt and I led him upstairs, him on hands and knees again. I pulled him onto the bed with the lead. He looked up at me with adoration. He knew what was coming. I pulled my dress over my head and gave him an eyeful of the new underwear – stockings, suspenders, push up bra.
I pulled off my knickers, already positioned over the suspenders for easy removal.
“Look how wet you made me” – I held up the lacy purple panties for him to inspect. He grabbed them and started to sniff and lick the crotch, groaning with delight at the taste of me.
I put them on him, his cock jutting out at an angle. They looked tiny on him, he adjusted himself. I couldn’t resist teasing him with a lick of his balls and a tongue around the tip of his dick.
“Thank you mistress”
I kissed him hard, straddling him again and ground my pussy against his erection.
“Oh mistress that feels so good” he moaned.
His hips thrust forward, and his hands moved to hold my hips.
It was a beautiful natural moment, but I had to pull it back.
I pinned his arms to the bed.
“Are you trying to put your cock inside me?”
“yes mistress, I’m sorry” he begged.
“My pleasure comes first, as do I” I scolded, and moved up his body to sit on his face.
He didn’t, and couldn’t reply.