Three Men: Three Eulogies

He used to text me.
He’d ask if I was free that day, never any more notice than that. Now he doesn’t.
I still message him of course, he still replies.
He’s never available.
It’s not the same, something has shifted.
The last time I saw him he had me on the bathroom floor.
Now I just fantasise about his hard body and his mouth.
That wonderful mouth.
And his hands.
And his beautiful smooth cock.


I looked at him with something like love.

Adoration maybe. It was probably too dark for him to realise it.

perhaps that was best.

At that moment I would have done anything for him. Anything.

And I had only just met him.


We kept messaging for a while but he was never free, I was never free.

The last time was meant to be just us two. 24 hours before we were meeting he threw in a guest star. Quite the twist.

Her pictures were gorgeous, she was a curvy brunette and Indian like him.

First she cried off, then he did.
I was left pretty high, dry and horny
And that was it.


So I shrug. log back into the dating site.

Delete their numbers.

Buy new underwear

Buy a new vibrator.