The Civil Servant: Part Six

He lay on his back, spread eagled on my sheets. I went over to the drawer and took out the harness and dildo.
“Last time you surprised me, you already had it on under the covers” he giggled.
“Does it turn you on to watch me put it on for you?” I ask
“Yes mistress” he says.
I step into the harness and pull it over my hips, then kneel on the edge of the bed, holding the big black dildo between my legs.
“That looks good on you” he says.
He leans up to kiss me. Then bends to swallow the dildo. I move nearer his head and feed it into his mouth.
I reach for the lube and trace my finger around his arse readying it for what he wants. I remember last time and how good it felt.
“Are you ready slave?”
He nods and holds his legs up in the air. I place a hand underneath him and try to feed the dildo into him. He moves to help me.

This time it doesn’t work, something isn’t right. I don’t want to force him, so we stop.

He tells me to grab my two cocks. I hold his and the dildo together, one short and thick, the other long and thin. I lube up both and wank them together. It’s hot.
“Mistress, you look like the cat that got the cream!”
We both smile and I lean in to kiss him.
This intimacy. His kisses.
We fall asleep talking about Persian food.


In the morning we start again. This time there are no roles: he’s on top, I’m on top, I suck his dick, he goes down on me.
Until I’m astride him again.
I have one hand on his shoulder, riding him. We’re both close to coming, but somehow prolonging it. I wrap the other hand around the back of his neck.

At that point he asks me to choke him. It’s a fetish we’ve discussed before but I’ve never done. As he asks, my pussy involuntarily tightens.
The trust turns me on. He trusts me.
I grasp both hands around his neck, and press. He groans. I keep checking in with him, loosening then tightening.
I tell him to get on top, I’ve been riding him so long my legs are cramping.
He gets on top and slides straight into me.
I whisper in his ear “Fuck me harder” as he pounds me. He’s lying flat on top and driving into me from just his hips.
“Harder slave, harder”
He comes inside me for the first time.

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