That guy

It was our second date. The first was a lunch, and I was on a lunch hour so it didn’t really count. I wasn’t sure about him – he seemed far too keen. We’d said goodbye and he’d gone for a full body hug, outside M&S in broad daylight.
He was a bit older than me. A man rather than a boy. He also had a belly, something I’m not normally into.His trainers weren’t cool. He wore polo tops.
We met in a cool part of town. I was driving and so was he. So not many drinks were consumed, perhaps a good thing on this occasion.
It was a chance to get to know him better – he was actually really sweet. we got on well, had enough to talk about without awkward silences.
it didn’t take long for things to develop – a touch on the arm, a kiss, you know the drill.
I invited him back. This was before the days of Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, sexting. I was keen to see the goods.
We raced each other to mine in separate cars. He followed but overtook when there was a dual carriageway. It was also a massive turn on – me and cars.
Back at mine, I poured some wine into two glasses. he snuck up behind me, arms around the waist like in all the good movies.
We didn’t even drink the wine, it was a ritual played out, a kind of clumsy foreplay.
I led him to the bedroom after a lot of kissing and there began the unveiling. He had a gigantic cock. I couldn’t wait to get it out. It went everywhere. in my mouth, my jaw opened wide as it could go. it teased my nipples and rubbed against my ass. He was as hairy down there as he was up top. it was a turn on, I’ll admit.
The feeling of being astride a man larger than me was quite a thing. okay his cock was one thing but his size was another. really having something to ride and rub my clit against. Something to hold on to. The comfort of flesh on flesh. and the hair! His chest was like a rug – in a good way.
He smelt good too – he wore Joop, and very soon we smelt of each other. I came pretty much as soon as he got his cock inside me. and again and agin though out the night.
We stopped when I got too sore. His dick was ample for me, we kissed and fell asleep.
It was a night of passion that I hadn’t experienced for a while. in the morning he left and there were many jokes about his girth. My mouth was sore, my cunt was sore and aching, my legs wobbly, my lips red raw from his stubble. it was a triumph of sorts.
it is a truth universally acknowledged that when you find someone who fits so perfectly inside you, you shouldn’t give it up.
Reader, I married him.