The fashion designer

He was late. But he’d apologised already – train were delayed.
We were on a time limit – half an hour. I was as hungover as fuck, I nearly hadn’t bothered. My curiosity got the better of me.
He arrived, apologising again. He was cute. Checked how my hangover was. Asked if I wanted to grab a cup of tea instead.
“We’ve got 15 minutes – really?”
“I’m sorry, the flat is five minutes walk away as well”
“Let’s go then”
It was then I noticed he was carrying a cool box.
“Big lunch?” I joked
“I sell tropical fish, it’s a side project”
He offered me a cigarette, stopping to light mine for me. We chatted all the way.
He led me to a beautiful private gated block with a beautifully lit garden.
“Sorry, it’s the top floor”
I hoofed it up the stairs after him, out of breath at the top.
The door said 21. He unlocked it and led me inside.
We stood by the bed, I threw off my coat and he started kissing me.
The cigarette had made my mouth dry which was annoying. I fumbled with his ridiculous huge buckled belt.
“I can’t do it” I sighed.
He unhooked it with one flip.
I pulled my dress over my head, as I was sweating by now.
He pulled one of my tits out of my bra and held it tight, licking and kissing the nipple. I moaned.
I reached down to his pants and unfurled his dick.
Always the anticipation – how big? How hairy? Is it hard?
It was a splendid one. The best looking for a while. The sheer weight of it in my hand. long and thick. Shaved, hardly any hair.
I took him in my mouth, teased the end and then swallowed the shaft.
He pulled it up.
“Lick my balls” he ordered.
I did of course. They fitted perfectly in my mouth.
I gave his dick another suck and he held my head gently, my hands on his ass.
“Are you ready to be spanked?”
I shot up from my knees.
“Bend over”
This, dear reader, was why I had come. Why I was content to tolerate the time limit. I craved this more than I craved chocolate or a nice glass of wine. I hadn’t found a man who wanted to do this to me for years.
I was still wearing my tights and boots. Naked top half only.
I felt the weight of him on the bed behind me. His hand snaked up to hold my breast, twisting the nipple. His other hand grabbed at my ass, then the back of my thigh sizing me up like a piece of meat. He was a pro, I smiled to myself.
He slapped me, square on my right buttock. Quite softly. Then a little harder.
“You have a nice ass” he said.
“And you have a nice cock” I panted back.
He held my tit again, tweaking it. Planted tiny kisses on my shoulder.
And then again, grabbed the flesh of my ass and then slapped.
“Do you want it harder?”
“Yes please”
He obliged. The anticipation of the spank is all. Oh god it was too good. I felt like it was my birthday.
His hand snaked between my legs and ran over my pussy, still encased in pants and tights. I half expected him to peel them down, but secretly enjoyed the sensation. His hand rubbed back to front.
He kept slapping, he kept asking and checking. He slapped me very hard four times to finish, like a staccato end to a marvellous symphony.
I was soaking wet, probably more turned on than I had been in ages. his mastery of the art was too much.
“where do you want me to cum?” He asked
he flipped me over, I looked at him through my hair.
“My face? my tits? My arse? ”
” I don’t want to make a mess”
“you can cum in my mouth then”
I bent down and took him in my mouth again, he was rock hard.
I looked up at him, his eyes closed and he shot his load straight down the back of my throat. Perfect.
I fumbled in my bag for a hair clip, and started to put my bra back on.
He gazed at my breasts and sighed as I popped them into the cups.
“Fuck, they’re so big”.
I grinned and retrieve my dress from the bed.
“So when can I fuck you properly? How long is a period? A few days?”
I smiled at him. “I’ll let you know”
I made for a quick exit and he twisted me round to kiss me.

An hour later, as I fucked myself with a vibe his message came through:
“You suck good”.
I grinned to myself.