He stood behind me and undid my bra slowly. His hands supported my breasts as it fell to the floor.
He squeezed them both tight and whispered in my ear:
“Have you completed your task?”
I nodded.
He slapped my ass hard. And again.
I fucking loved it when he did that.
I wanted to touch myself. Hell, I wanted him to touch me.
But my hands were bound, and he had gagged me. I was his fucktoy tonight.
He forced apart my legs, kicking my ankles with his brogues. Ouch.
I thought I knew what was coming.
I was wrong.
He rolled up my skirt and his fingers roughly pulled aside my knickers.
“Fucking slut” he rasped in my ear.
“Bend over” he ordered.
I did as I was told.
He traced his finger around my asshole. Then blew on it.
He was teasing me. Royally.
Something brushed against my pussy, I looked between my legs and saw a vibrator.
His fingers probed my arse.
“Good girl” he chided, inserting the vibe slowly into my pussy, without switching it on.
I thrust onto it but he pulled me back.
“Not yet, baby girl”.
He slapped my ass so hard I blinked away tears.
I heard him unbuckling his belt and his trousers dropped to the floor. He tossed away his shoes.
He forced me forward until my shins hit the bed. He guided me to kneel down on the bed, vibe still stuck in my pussy.
His cock nudged my arse.
“You want my cock inside you don’t you?”
I nodded.
He pulled my hair back. Adjusted himself and coated my ass with lube and slowly pushed inside.
I was never a huge fan of anal.
But the way he did it.
I pushed back against him as he slid further in.
The vibe dropped out onto the bed I was so wet.
He grunted as he thrust into me, really slowly.
“Oh fuck you’re tight”.
His hands were in my hair, his cock plunged deep in my ass. My cunt literally dripping onto my sheets.
I closed my eyes.
He came a few minutes later, I could feel his hot jizz fill me.
My arse got a few more playful slaps and he turned me over.
“To speak or to see?” he asked, and switched the blindfold from my mouth to my eyes.
I felt his fingers tracing the outline of my cunt lips.
And then he started kissing it. Leaving a trail across my stomach, down my thighs and over my pubic bone.
For the first time since he’d arrived, I relaxed a little.
And then he slapped me. straight in the cunt.
I like it rough.