He crams himself into me, the tip of his cock teasing the entrance to my cunt.

I’ve already had it in my mouth, me kneeling before him, him thrusting himself into me, gently holding my head.

“It’s like a vice. The deeper I go in the more my cock gets gripped”

His words absolutely got me wet, no doubt.

He’s not fully inside. I want ALL of it, but he’s teasing me royally.

I’m lying down, he’s standing at the side of the bed.

My legs are flailing, unsure whether to grip his ass and pull him closer or hang unwanted off the edge and submit.

I want to pull him deeper inside me.

But this guy knows how to keep me hanging, physically and mentally.

He slips out again and eats me out, greedily, fingers pulling apart my cunt lips, other hand pressing my mound.

I’m on another plane.

Suddenly he stops

Goes over to the drawer

Fumbles about for a while

Throws something on the bed

I can’t see, it’s something black

“whatthefuckisthat” I pant

“You asked for it, remember?”

My mind goes temporarily insane.

He fiddles about a bit.

It’s a cock ring.

Oh boy.

I mount him, slipping on a condom.

Oh fuck it’s good.

The ring tickles my clit.

“How does it feel?” he says

“Like there’s something there…I mean as well as your cock”

We came almost simultaneously.