I accompanied him to the bar.
“It’s all off” he said.
“What? Why?”
“My bag’s at the table, go sit down and I’ll explain”.
I sat down with a thud. I could hardly breathe. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was shaking. My head pounded. I didn’t understand.
He brought the drinks over and explained how he’d placed an ad online. He got a few responses but they were the best. Maybe he fancied the girl- I don’t know. I mean, I did too but I wasn’t going to tell him that.
They’d been emailing all of the night before and then nothing until 5pm that day.
The guy wouldn’t give out his number and then eventually cried off entirely, saying they’d already had sex that afternoon and didn’t fancy it again but did we fancy joining them for a night out?
“Please tell me you said no?”
He nodded. He looked really sad.
“So, what do you want to do?” I asked.
“Let’s just have a drink” he said.

We made small talk like the first time we met. It was odd. We looked like a normal couple out having a drink. Not fuckbuddies who normally only met in the bedroom.
He even told me about how difficult it was getting planning permission for an extension on his house. Sexy, right?
Relief was flooding over me but also disappointment at not being able to get laid.
I caught him looking at my dress.
“How far down does that zip go? he grinned.
“Just down to here” I said, pointing at my belly button.
“Hmmmmm. The toilet here is pretty promising – spacious even”
He indicated to his left, he’s already cased the joint.
I probably rolled my eyes at that point. I’d have preferred a hotel room with a comfortable bed.
But I couldn’t ever resist him.


I walked to the loo and locked it. Tried and failed to pee. He knocked and I opened the door, slinking back against the wall – setting off the sodding hand dryer.
He laughed and pulled me close to him, arms around my waist. He kissed me, softly at first then his tongue greedily explored my mouth. His hands nudged my knickers down to my knees and groped for my pussy, finding it wet and throbbing. I pulled off his belt and unzipped him, finding his cock semi hard. What a beauty it is, nudging past the waistband of his Calvin Kleins.
The loo had piped in cheesy Muzak which I found hilarious. But there he was kissing me, unzipping my dress and pulling my tits out. I was quickly on my knees with his wonderful dick in my gob. Soon he was rock hard, his balls swelling and growing pinker. He took his trousers and socks off and pulled my dress off over my head.
This was no quickie.
He laid my jacket down on the marble floor with a flourish as if we were at a picnic.
“Bum down there” he pointed.
I lay back on the jacket, my head against the wall. He started licking my pussy, my legs spread wide, a finger teasing my clit. I was in raptures, flailing about on the ice cold floor with a beautiful man tending to my cunt.
He finger-fucked me like no-one else. Properly going for it, finger and tongue. I was so close to blowing my top but couldn’t quite make it. I thrust myself against his fingers while rubbing my clit myself, every time I did this his cock stiffened and bobbed up.
“I need to pee” I told him.
“Well you’re in the right place”
“Would you like me to pee in your pmouth?” I offered. This was one of his kinks that I’d never indulged in.
He nodded. We switched positions and I sat on his face, his lips brushing my pussy lips. He expectantly waited, mouth open but looking down on his handsome face it felt all wrong. I just couldn’t do it.
I climbed back down him and he grabbed my ass. Slipped a condom on and pushed hard inside me.
I rode him on the floor, my knees on the uncomfortable cold marble trying to get purchase, work up a rhythm – his body making funny squeaky noises as I drove onto him and he squashed on the floor.
The incongruity of the situation kept playing on my mind – a disabled toilet (which luckily didn’t seem as if it had ever been used) and this gorgeous, horny gent intent on fucking me on the floor.
We kept switching positions until I bent over the loo seat, arse in the air, him behind me.
Man, I’d forgotten what a joy it was to fuck in heels. Him bending his legs behind mine, his hands on my hips, my legs taut, him thrusting in and out and me holding the seat. I even caught him looking in the mirror, American Psycho style. Damn it felt good. Even if I was over a toilet.
I straightened up and he pushed me back down on the floor. We writhed around and clashed against the bin and the sink. He held my tits hard, squeezing them together.
At one point a weird beeping started – and I stopped dead.
“It’s just the air freshener” he laughed. “Your face”.
He continued bearing down on me, my arse now making squeaky noises against the floor.
“Fuck me harder” I implored.
That did it for him, a trigger. He exploded into me and went bright red.
“I came” he whispered.
I got up and put my knickers on. Bra next, checked my hair and makeup.
He left first. Then me.
As we walked back to the station he asked me what DP and rough sex was. I couldn’t believe his naivety. Apparently the guy we’d meant to meet was into that. I was pretty relieved we didn’t hook up, if that’s what we had in store. My guy was always gentle, loving and sweetly tender.

It wasn’t a foursome, and it wasn’t in a hotel room. But my god don’t I love fucking a hot guy on the floor of a disabled toilet when the moment arises.