The editor

He was polite, I knew that already. A very important asset in the bedroom -as he pointed out later.
We got down to business pretty quickly, having a sexy fight kneeling on the bed snogging each other’s faces off with our hands down each other’s pants. He was pretty hard already and I was wetter than an ice bucket challenge aftermath.
“How about I fuck you from behind”
” I want to ride you” I suggest.
He agrees and lies down on the bed. We fiddle with a condom and he loses his erection pretty much immediately.
“Rub yourself against me” he says. I obey.
“Is it hard yet?” he says.
“Is it in yet? he says.
It isn’t, and he isn’t. But I’m so turned on I could maybe cum right now.
But he’s uncomfortable and he’s not a fan of condoms and flicks off the rubber.
We try again, with a new one. Again, he loses his rock hard cock. I reach for the lube and smear it over his dick outside the condom. Then I check my pussy, other hand holding his cock. I’m still wet.
At the sight of me doing that, his cock stiffens in my hand and gets instantly hard. This time I can get him inside me.
He thrusts and pulls me with him and its good. It’s maximum contact and he’s warm and hairy and he’s biting my tits and it feels awesome. We’re working up a rhythm when:
“Can I slap your ass please? ” he asks and I giggle.
He slaps each cheek once.
And then he comes.
I wish I could take a picture of his face right now. He doesn’t make much noise, his head turns to the side and his eyes glaze over. He closes them. He looks kind of beautiful, his face framed by his fringe.
Then he comes around again, looks at me and says “Oh hello”.
He apologises for coming so quickly.
I’m so close to coming its a bit of a let down. I’ve not had a lover like this for some time. I try and wind down on him to relieve my frustration, its just not happening, there’s nothing to wind on.
He asks me to take off the condom.
We lie there and suddenly he says
“Would you like me to lick your pussy?”
And he does.
And I try not to overthink it or worry about how long it takes. I imagine waves and the sea and rocks and I crash against him and its fucking beautiful and he licks me ever so gently, no fingers, and I rock my hips back and forth and his hands hold my thighs and I hold his hair and suddenly his tongue hits my sweet spot and I erupt and concentrate oh god its amazing. I shudder several times against him and my legs spasm and I forget his soft dick and the fact he comes straightaway and I relax into an orgasm that takes my damn breath away.
He can come again.