He gave me less than 24 hours notice. Too little time to change my mind, but enough for it to race to a thousand possibilities.

They were a young married couple visiting the city just for the weekend. The photos of them were promising, she was blonde and very cute with bright blue eyes, he slim and very fit.
The deal – we visited them at their hotel and got down to business.

I was at the theatre when this all unfolded. I was squirming and giggling in my seat but I couldn’t let on to my friends what was happening. We’d talked about it in the past of course, but people talk about a lot of things and they very rarely follow through. The fact he had even bothered to make it happen turned me on. When I got home my knickers were slick with my juices. Oh my.

I was excited but nervous. I couldn’t sleep and wanked myself off several times at the thought of it.
How would it work? Would my guy have my back? Would I end up odd one out and end up slipping out and off home?
I decided not to think about it.

I had a busy day dashing about town to various meetings so had no time to worry about about the evening’s activities.
He’d suggested we meet in the area at around 6.
It got to around 4.30pm and I started to feel sick. My heart was in my mouth: I hadn’t heard from him.
As if by magic, his text came through as I looked at my phone, giving me the hotel details.
We were on.


The question plaguing me had been “What do you wear to a foursome?”
I opted for a colourful dress with a cheeky cleavage and a zip that ended at my belly button and my favourite wedges. Satin underwear. Not too slutty, and big hair. I looked bloody good, if I say so myself.
As I got off the tube, my heart was in my mouth again.
I walked to the hotel and caught sight of him through the window. Still handsome as fuck. He was reading the paper.
I walked up to his table and kissed him on both cheeks.
“Drink?” he asked.
“Gin and tonic please”.