Standing in the Way of Control

“Show me how you wank”

The words came out of my mouth fast. I hadn’t even really thought about it. Had I told someone to do that before?

“I want to see how you do it” I added quickly.

We were both naked. He’d been standing by the bed, me sitting in the edge sucking his cock but I was uncomfortable, head tilted at the wrong angle so we’d changed positions.

He was lying down, fully erect. His cock was still glistening from being in my mouth. The veins stood out like threads of cotton on a fine piece of embroidered silk as his hand toyed with it.

“I normally use lube. A lot of lube” he explained. I quickly threw the bottle I kept in the bedside drawer at him.

I knelt beside him, watching him squirt the liquid into his hands and then smear it on his dick. My cunt twitched and I watched his hands grab himself.

He didn’t give me a running commentary and I didn’t need one. I had a ringside seat.

He pumped the shaft a few times. Adjusted its length. Let it fall back on his stomach with a thud. Then started ferociously again. The lube made a deliciously wet sound as he pumped up and down. His cock looked angry, pink and frustratingly good.

Sadly I couldn’t keep myself to myself. I couldn’t just watch. It was too tantalising. I joined in, giving the head a tongueing and swirling my lips around him.

Then stopped. Leant back on my haunches again.

He started up again. And again I couldn’t resist licking his bulging head, tasting the strange viscosity of the lube on him. I wanted him inside me. I could feel him throbbing and the heat of him.

I just wanted him to fuck me. Some voyeur I turned out to be.