He’s been running. Heck, he’s run from mine to his. He says its all downhill and the way back will be harder. We both undress quickly, I leave my pants on. He’s fiddling with earphones, his shorts. I lie back on the bed, inviting him to join me.
He lies down beside me and starts kissing me. I can feel the heat radiating from his body, his back is covered in a light sweat. He smells great. I can’t describe it, it’s not an overpowering aftershave, its a bitter musky smell which I love.
We kiss for a while and then he starts rubbing and licking my tits. Traces my cunt through my pants. Pulls the pants off and starts kissing it. He’s down there for a while, then shifts position, bowing down at my altar, giving me a cheeky grin before he starts.
My thighs jerk on their own, he’s nibbling at my clit and my legs are no longer my own. I’m close to losing it but pull myself back.
At this point I haven’t even touched his cock. And he doesn’t seem to mind.
His fingers go inside me and he’s working me, alternating with kisses there too. I’m very close but no cigar.
He comes up to kiss me, a kiss that tastes of me. A wet sloppy sexy me and I like it.
His cock nudges my pussy as if to say “hey, what about me”.
He knows where the condoms are, unrolls one and slowly pushes inside. I’m so wet it glides straight in. My legs close around him and we slowly fuck, its beautiful. I look at his body and I really really love it.
After a while he pulls out and says “I want to come on your tits”
I say :
“I want to sit on top of you”.
He relents.
We slowly assume the positions. Its tender this time, there are some feelings there that come from familiarity, on both sides.
My brain says things to me like “Why can’t we fuck him all the time?” and them it shuts down.
He pulls out again. “I’m so close to coming”
“Dammit so am I”
He grabs my chest so his cheeks are flanked by my tits, his mouth is between them and he bites a little. God, that’s hot.
We slide across each other, I could come like this but I want him inside me again.
He comes, the only reason I can tell is that his cheeks go pink.
I’m frustrated. We lie back and I try playing with myself but it’s not going to work.
He takes a shower and I fiddle with stuff finding something to wear.
I glance into the bathroom and see him wiping his face with my towel, cock still proudly erect, jutting out before him. Its a beautiful image and an image I wouldn’t mind every day.
He leaves and I writhe on the bed with a vibrator, finding it really hard to come.
When I finally do, I can smell him on me.
Better than a croissant.