Hot town, summer in the city

We rode the bus home to my place. It was early evening, hot and close. I could feel sweat dripping down my back. I took a seat, he held onto one of the overhead straps. It was hard not to laugh – his groin was directly in my eyeline and he was visibly at least semi-hard already. But I ignored it and made conversation instead.

I unlocked my front door and we put bags down, made very small talk.
Very soon we were upstairs. He fell back on the bed and I landed on top. We kissed slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, as if our lives depended on it and were both covered in sweat straightaway from the intense and concentrated activity. It was fast and furious and both of us clearly needed to get laid. There was a sexy controlled urgency to our movements.
I could tell how hard he was and my cunt instinctively pressed against him to feel it. I ground against him, unable to do anything else, unable to think about anything else other than him fucking me hard and we teased each other for a while. He said I could choose whether to take my pants off or his. Firstly I undid his trousers, his pants were soaking, from me or from him or from both. Hot dang, I was soaking.

I peeked inside his pants and carefully took him in my mouth. He was fully hard, hot to trot. I sucked him from root to tip and then put his cock neatly back inside. What a tease.
He loved it.
By now we were both just in our underwear – it was way too hot and ridiculous to keep clothes on.

I think I chose to take my pants off. I can’t remember because it didn’t matter. I remember wishing I didn’t want him inside me so much, wishing I could contain my lust. He bit on my breasts, hard, licking and teasing my nipples, grabbing them. I was still straddling him.
I took his pants off. His cock teased around my cunt, slipping with sweat and pre-cum. I slid up and down its length, enjoying the feel of it rubbing against me, tantalisingly close. I enjoyed the feel of us both soaked in each other. I enjoyed the feel of it so much I almost came. I had to leap off him like a jackrabbit to stop myself. Concentrate fucking hard. Focus. Stop thinking about it. Think about anything but THAT. His cock wasn’t even inside me, I was so turned on. That was a first.
But that wasn’t the end of the night.