I’m sitting on the edge of the bed watching him. He’s not sure what I want so I make it a little more obvious.
I lift up my dress and flash my knickers.
Then replace it, lean back, arms on the bed.
It’s the cue he needed.
He kneels in front of me and pulls my dress up like he’s laying a tablecloth in an almost perfect half fold parallel to my waist.
He shifts on his haunches and gets comfortable. I look him in the eye.
He winks. And slowly, with just one finger, he traces my cunt lips through the lace of my knickers.
It’s delicious. So gently, yet the soft touch triggers my body into action and I feel the fabric begin to bloom and grow wet from my juices. I close my eyes.
How did my body become this responsive? A dead giveaway. One touch there and I’m thinking ahead to what I want next. But stop myself. Make myself concentrate. Mindfulness.
His mouth is down there now, his lips on my lips – a thin cover between his skin and mine. I sigh.
His fingers pull the lace aside roughly and his tongue slides up and down my slit. I lie back on the bed and slowly thrust upwards towards him, hands on my ass.
He’s feasting. I look down and his head is moving between my legs. I grab his hair. All I can hear is how wet I am. And his grunts.
His tongue goes side to side, a finger alternates and its good. Real good. I feel wetness seeping out of me and I feel alive.
I want his cock. I pretend his finger is his cock and slide up and down it. I want him to fuck me hard. I want him pressing down on me with a handful of my hair in his grasp so I can’t move. I want to feel him whispering filth into my ear. But his tongue is sending me to places far away and I’m lost in the moment.
His fingers work away like an expert craftsman. Delving into me. Creating waves of pleasure. And suddenly he’s licking my ass, fingers still inside me. Its dirty and its wrong but it feels like he’s enjoying it. I wonder what his face looks like but I can’t see.
His tongue flicks around my asshole and his fingers slide in and out of my sopping wet cunt. I’m powerless – his hands have me captured.
I’m bucking like an animal, I’m close to coming but I need something else. Something dirtier. As if by magic its like he’s read my mind.
He brings out the buttplug, covers it in lube and in a few slick moves it’s positioned inside me. Mmmmm.
Suddenly he’s standing up. Wipes his mouth with his hand and grins at me again.
Then grabs my ankles and holds them above my head. I’m a little uncomfortable but I’m keen to see what he has in store.
He kneels on the edge of the bed and guides his cock inside, still holding my ankles. I can’t move much.
The feeling of him inside me with my ass filled tightly is too good.
As he pumps his cock into me, slowly and methodically I start to feel my feet go numb.
I start to feel a tingle in my legs, travelling up my thighs and let go a groan. I stop fighting it, stop holding it in and succumb. His balls are banging against my ass and his cock is pounding my cunt and his chest hair is rubbing against my nipples and his face is locked in concentration and oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I’m coming and I can’t even speak and my mouth opens and closes like a fish and I must look so stupid and I look at him and his eyes are closed and his hands let go my ankles and he’s ramming inside me and grunting and panting coming oh god I can feel him inside me spurting.
God that was perfect.

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  1. I love this. The short, sharp, staccato sentences make it feel visceral. Like you’re having to ration your thoughts, match them to your breathing, force them out … one … clause … at … a … time …


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