The other Romanian

He had been emailing me for months. We kept trying to meet but he had a girlfriend and wanted to play away, he could only hook up when she wasn’t around. Not my ideal scenario but I was intrigued.
He’d sent me only a couple of pictures. When I met him he was around 4 stone heavier than the picture and with longer hair. If I’m honest he looked a little like my first boyfriend. I wasn’t attracted to him hugely. But I was still curious.
He came back to the house with me. It was raining and I wasn’t sure how to play it. He’d talked about wanting to lick me and how he found oral sex much more a turn-on than penetrative. As we made small talk I wondered what his body would feel like on top of me, it had been a while since I had been with a bigger guy.
We got to mine and I led him upstairs. I whipped off my dress and got into bed, underwear still on. He did the same but kept his Tshirt on. And leant over to kiss me. He ate my face off – all I could think of was “he could have used gum”.
He fondled one tit, and grabbed me between my legs which took my breath away. He started massaging my cunt outside my pants. Mmm it felt pretty good. He looked at my breasts in my bra as if trying to size them up. Then he cupped one in his hand and pulled out the nipple. I enjoyed his tongue flicking over it. he grabbed more of my tit from its bra cup and I sighed.
I felt his cock through his pants – not much happening there. I decided to ignore it. By now he was pulling down my pants anyway.
He had a sort-of-beard and the minute he went down there with it I knew he was a pro. All of the sensations, all of the nibbles, sucks, licks and slurps and concentration with maximum effort. I couldn’t stop pushing myself into his face and he didn’t seem to mind one bit.
I looked down, couldn’t see his face for his hair. He was absolutely buried in me.
He was there for some time and I bucked and writhed as he pleasured me. As soon as he put his finger inside me as well I was gone, he was gentle at first; then more insistent and rough. It didn’t take long for me to explode – during which he clamped himself to my clit as I tried to climb back up the bed, the hit was so intense.
He came back up to kiss me. And then I realised he had a massive erection. He lay back and I took it in my mouth, slowly sucking from base to tip twice or three times. He cried out. I stopped and asked him what was wrong.
“Nothing – I want to come in your mouth”. He spurted a little and I quickly swallowed him again.
He made more noise than me coming. Talk about quickest blowjob ever. Lucky me.
We made small talk, lying beside each other. I was 50/50 on wanting him to leave and wanting him to stay.
We chatted for a while and then he said “Would you like me to go down on you again?”
Actually I wanted him to stick his cock in me. But I didn’t say that.
He went between my legs again. For half an hour. I know because my clock is within my eyeline on the mantelpiece. Again it was incredible.
At one point I was so close to coming I almost cried. This time he didn’t fuck me with his fingers.
“You can stop” I said.
I reciprocated, taking him deep throat, my mascara running down my cheeks. Switching positions, taking him between my breasts, making sure he could see what was going on.
I then lay next to him while he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while I grabbed his arse. God that was hot.
“You can stop” he said – mirroring me.
“I really want to sit on you” I said.
We fiddled with a condom, by which time he was soft as a marshmallow.
We chatted some more and then he said he had to be going. Which was good as I’d been raising my eyebrows behind his back.
“Do you have something like an apple I could have?”
I rolled up laughing.
“I have donuts” I said.
“I want something to hide the taste of pussy in case I run into a neighbour”.
I gave him the donuts laughing to myself.
“Maybe next week we can do this again?”.
“yeah sure” I said, knowing how difficult even this meeting had been to organise.
He left and I was glad. But telling the story again has made me wet…