He’s coming over.
I’ve showered, done hair and makeup. A bra that shows off my tits. Knickers with a lace up back.
A red sundress he can pull off over my head. Heels.
I’m wet of course. Was as soon as I got home. My fingers toy with my freshly shaved cunt. I want him to kiss me there.
I’m stomach down on the bed, imagining him behind me, massaging my ass. Grinding my pelvis into the bed to tease myself.
I can come without a cock but doesn’t it feel good to have it inside?

He texts again. He’s going to be late. I groan and roll onto my back. The breeze from outside dances around my open legs. I place my palm on my crotch and feel the heat radiating. I can make myself come but that would spoil our time together.
He texts again, requesting a naked welcome. I can’t.
He arrives and I open the door. He’s unbuttoning his shirt as he comes in. I pull the dress over my head and shut the door.
I tell him off for keeping me waiting and run upstairs, he grabs my ass and pulls my pants down before we reach the bedroom. I fling my bra off and sit on the bed watching him.
He unbuttons his shorts and stands there with white Calvin Kleins. Oh god oh god he’s so beautiful.
I pull them down and he starts to kiss me, pushing me back onto the bed.
His kisses are urgent, wet and hot. Like my cunt. He grabs my breasts and hungrily licks them, then back to my mouth. I ease back onto the bed and he pulls me onto my side. His fingers start to explore my pussy. And its delicious. I’m ready for his cock but he’s going to tease me. I was ready for his cock an hour ago.
He finishes licking my breasts and moves downward. Gently his tongue explores my folds, licking softly, finding the rhythm.
He’s never made me come from this. But I’m determined and so is he. It takes a while. My legs start to go first and I buck into him, pushing my cunt into his face. I want it harder.
To my delight he tongues and fingers me simultaneously using his palm. I’m gone.
He laps it up, face still buried in me as I scream in delight. He doesn’t stop and I’m thrusting in pain and pleasure moving further up the bed. He licks up every last drop and kisses my inner thighs softly.
And then he kisses my lips, I can taste myself on him.
He falls back and we lie side by side. I start to lick his cock but he doesn’t want it.
He pulls out a condom and rolls it on, making himself comfortable with a pillow behind his head. I climb on and we start a sweaty climb to the peak. Its hot, and its hard. He tries to get a rhythm going, we’re both drenched in sweat and its like our bodies are a fucking machine being lubricated. We have to keep stopping. Then going faster and slower, varying the pace.
we try a few other positions, him behind me, him on top. I’m close to coming again but he is miles ahead.
He pulls out and whips the condom off, kneels beside my head feeding his cock into my mouth. I’m at the wrong angle and he moves the pillow to make it easier.
His cock tastes of condom and I choke it down, spluttering a bit. My eyes are watering and my hair is a messy bush by now.
But that’s enough for him. His face goes serious, he doesn’t make a sound. His come spurts over my mouth and around my face.
Salty and hot.