The Personal Trainer

It took us a while to meet. He could only do pre-5pm, I’m normally working at that time.

He’d asked me to dress sexily. At that time, I didn’t have much in my repertoire. I’d thrown away the stockings and suspenders I’d worn on my wedding day and most of my lingerie was everyday. When I say everyday, I don’t mean greying cotton knickers though. Back then I was a fan of the lace shorts. Picked out a sexy black bra and the lacey shorts.
But what to answer the door in? I couldn’t bare my underwear to the street?
I found a satin dressing gown my Mum had left last time she stayed. Tied it up and donned some red sparkly heels.
I was nervous, of course. Paced up and down, necking glass after glass of red wine.
He arrived shortly after 8. Tall, skinny and not quite like his photos. But he smelt good and immediately put his hands all over me and seems to like what he saw.
I offered him a glass of wine but he declined. This was going to be tough, or so I thought.
I made some joke about him helping me with my gym training. He admired my place and the awkwardness melted away.
We went upstairs and I quickly undressed him. His cock stood upright already, bursting from his boxers. He undid my robe and started touching my bra, running his hands over the smooth lace and reaching for my pussy.
I was pretty turned on, both by the situation and the fact I was going to get laid. His body was ripped, his stomach was defined and hard to the touch. It was rude not to shove his cock in my mouth and as I took it I could feel where he’d shaved it.
He gently laid me on the bed and teased off my panties. His tongue traced my cunt lips and I sighed. I moved my hips in time to his motions and he must have felt my clit throb with desire.
Very soon we were kissing and stroking each other, his cock poking at my pussy.
“I want to be on top” I said.
He obeyed and lay back on my pillow. I sat astride him, teasing his cock with my hands. It was a good size.
I passed him a condom and he saddled up.
Reader, if I’d have known then what I knew now, I would have played it very differently.
You see, when I’m really hot for fucking I just want to climb on top and scratch that itch. Get sated and then start again – all night if possible.
So there I was, slowly manoeuvring myself down that amazing pole, feeling all delicious and ready to bust out my moves.
At this point may I remind you of the title of this post. He was a personal trainer.
I got him all the way in and he started up what I can only describe as a human vibrator.
I mean usually if you’re going on top you do quite a bit of the work, or you work in tandem, no?
This guy basically fucked me like a reverse pneumatic drill, I was rendered immobile and all I could do was moan and grab my tits. It was incredible, and totally took me by surprise. He was practically doing reverse press ups into me but so quickly it was driving my cunt crazy. I can also normally feel myself start to lose the plot in my toes. They kind of go all tingly, that’s the warning sign. His stamina and rhythm was so staccato that I very quickly reached a very intense orgasm and collapsed onto him, landing kisses all over his face, every inch of me still tingling.
“That was fucking amazing”I said.
“I could feel you come, I think you had a multiple orgasm”
“yeah” I said. “I’ve never been fucked like that before”
“My turn” he said and got on top.
He pushed inside me with the determination and physique of an Olympic athlete.
But something wasn’t quite right for him. He asked me to bend over and banged me from behind, shooting his load and resting his head on my ass. We were both covered in sweat.
It was a great session, and he didn’t even charge me.