The guy from work

He made me laugh a lot. He wasn’t hot or sexy or good looking. He just had that glint in his eye and such a good sense of humour that every moment I spent in his company was, well, hilarious.
We were both taken of course. He had a long term thing, mine was pretty serious as well. So nothing was going to happen.
It was fine that we went out for lunch together and went for drinks and got on so well.
It was all fine.
It was even fine when I met his girlfriend. It was fine!
When someone teases you and takes the mickey a lot, basically they like you. He did that in spades. His emails made tears roll down my face with laughter. He was witty, charming and had been to Oxford or something. And was brilliant at the put down.
Of course at some point we were going to have sex.
It took a while.
We hadn’t even talked about fucking. Or what that might trigger. Which probably made it worse. We didn’t even ever talk about sex at all. But there were delicious sparks between us.
One night we went drinking with another guy from work. Or maybe it was his flatmate. Who cares? We all got drunk and I got invited back to his.
My memory of the night is pretty hazy as a result.
The sex could have been super awkward. It could have been amazing. Maybe a combination of both.
I just remember the look on his face as I was riding him. Yeah – as I was grinding on his cock, back arched in an orgasm he wore a mask.
It was absolute terror.
Maybe he’d realised this wasn’t a good idea. Maybe he was worried about his girlfriend.
I think he even uttered the words
“This was a mistake”
Either way, we never did it again. I didn’t stop fancying him of course.
I looked him up a few years back and found out he’d married the girlfriend and had two kids.
Lucky escape really.