I live next door to a fire station. Weirdly you get used to the sirens, like most noises in the city they just blend into the cacophony until you don’t hear them at all.
At the side of the station there’s a red door. Sometimes the firemen come out of it and nip to the corner shop for fags or milk. Sometimes they close it again. Sometimes they don’t.
I often wonder what would happen if I went inside.
I’ve never noticed if any of them are good looking or not. That doesn’t really matter. The turn on is the group of men, and being the centre of attention.
Maybe I’d shyly walk in there and see what happened. One of them would start to stroke my hair, another touch my arm gently and the cheekiest one would lift up my dress and start to rub my crotch over my pants. He’d feel that I was wet and horny straight away. Maybe two of them would hold my legs still whilst one pulled down my top and start squeezing and licking my tits while another pulls my pants aside and starts lapping at my pussy.
Maybe one would manhandle me to a chair and bend me over while another tied my wrists loosely with his belt and fastens it to one of the arms. I’d hear him spit on his fingers and feel him entering me and his weight pushing into me as I buck at his size and strength whilst another feeds his cock into my mouth. Maybe when they were done they’d untie me and have me kneel and take them all one by one until I have a mouth full of spunk.

Or maybe I’d get in there and order them all to lie down on the floor. I’d lower myself onto the first guys face, dripping wet and grind my pussy until I came all over him. The second guy I’d tease and lick his cock then fuck him reverse cowgirl style while the others whoop and cheer.
The third I’d lower myself onto and make him sit up and lick and bite my tits until I orgasm.

Which one do you think works best?