Bloody hell

I’d got dressed up for him. Stockings, suspenders – the works. He had no clue, he thought he was just coming over for dinner.
As his hands started to wander his fingers felt the straps of my suspender belt and he lifted up my dress.
“Fucking hell”
He looked down at my get-up and back up at my face. He was grinning and so was I.
“Let’s go to bed” he laughed
We went upstairs and he starts to trace my thighs,

following the suspenders straps.
“There’s something you should know” I said
“Oh yeah, what’s that? ”
“I have my period. Not a bad one. There just might be a bit of blood”
I was embarassed – I hadn’t had period sex for a long time. Not since HIM.
“And? It’s not a problem for me. I want to fuck you”
And so he did. Harder and hotter than before. I didn’t even take the knickers and suspenders off. It was good because he didn’t give a shit. Just pulled them aside as if it was an everyday occurrence.
When he pulled out, after we’d both come together and the sweat was dripping off us, his cock was tinged with my blood. A little bit Game of Thrones I thought.
He looked at it. “Not so bad is it?” and started pumping it again with his fist. He was still pretty hard.
I pushed him onto his back and slid him inside again. He was so big I could probably come again right there and then but I played him for a bit, letting him grab my tits and my ass.
I came harder the second time and quickly leapt off him to clean myself up. There was blood all over, like I’d sacrificed part of myself to him.
When I got back I cleaned him too. We fell asleep like babes in the wood.
When you find a man like that, you should probably marry him.
Problem was, he was already married.