Two guys one night

I’m more than a little tipsy. A friend is in town from Germany and I don’t want to follow him into town when I’m so close to my ends. I make my excuses and leave the party, not really realising until the air hits me how much I’ve drunk.

It seems to be a good idea to phone one of the guys in my little black book: he’s been messaging me, is at a club and wants me to join him. I check and there are no tickets left. Damn, that would have been a lot of fun.

I try another guy who I haven’t met yet. He leaps at the chance. I order a drink at the bar and wait for him to join. Except he doesn’t – he’s driving and can’t park. I swallow another drink down and run to meet his car.

Back at mine we smoke, sitting side by side. He tells me about his swinging experiences and I grab his leg. I love listening to other people’s stories. Soon we are upstairs and he’s biting my chest, nuzzling my neck and grabbing me in all the right places. He’s got both nipples pierced and as we roll around I enjoy tonguing the tiny silver hoops. He leaps enthusiastically between my legs and with an expert tongue slides up and down my lips while fingering my clit. He knows what he’s doing. We try a 69 but he can’t sustain it. He’s soon making up for it by fingering my pussy with quite a vigorous pace. Very quickly I’m riding his dick and coming. The shock of this impromptu encounter is quite something and I’ve surprised myself by my orgasm. I see him out, like the good hostess and I lie back down under the covers to keep warm.

An hour later, the first guy calls. His club is finished and he wants to come over. Asks if I mind if he brings cigarettes. Christ – can I really do this?

By now, I’m a little more sober. The lounge stinks of smoke, I light some incense and quickly wash. I can still smell cheap aftershave on me. More perfume. Make the bed. Hide the condom. Put different clothes on, this time I’m making no effort. What have I become?

X arrives, seemingly high as a kite. Shows me all the videos of his evening. Spills beer all over the floors (he did this last time too) We smoke together and he gets out his cock. It’s a good one and I smile as I tease him by just holding it as he squeezes my tits together and licks them.

In my bedroom we fall into the familiar routine, he ignores my cunt completely and I focus on inhaling his dick. I mean, I really do enjoy it but I’d love his lips on my pussy just once. I’m soaked anyway, ready to ride and he knows it. He saddles up and I climb on top of him. There is something about his dick that fits perfectly. He knows now not to hammer me into oblivion, but take it slow and sensual. It feels even better this time. We slowly grind hips together and he blows on my nipples to make them harden, licking them just to make sure.

We come together as he growls in my ear, asking if he can squirt inside me. It’s an odd phrase but it does the job, for now.