The Enterprise Consultant again

Here I am, hurtling towards the west of the city again. He’s told me his room number and told me the champagne is on ice. I’ve had a terrible day and this seems to me like the best way to forget it.

This time his room is smaller – not as flashy or luxurious. We kiss and embrace and I wince a little. I don’t fancy him at all, but I can use him – right?

We quickly get our swimming gear and head down to the spa. This time the changing room is full and it dampens my excitement. I meet him in the warm pool and we head for the jacuzzi part, hoping to rekindle the excitement of last time.

But the power button isn’t working and it’s hard to fumble with each other in static water. We climb out and head for the steam room. It’s hot and sexy and we chat a little, touching each other. We head back into the pool and then back to his room.

I get him to open the champagne as I really need a drink. I guess I’m not as excited as last time when he teased me all day. I’m also at the tail end of my period so super conscious about how I might taste and feel.

As a result when he goes down on me I can’t come. But I do enjoy wrapping my legs around his neck and him burying his whole face into my most intimate parts.

And I enjoy going down on him. I’d forgotten he has a little fold of skin at the top of his penis, like an extra bit. I like feeling him hard in my mouth and him thrusting deeper down my throat. So much so that I want him inside me. I ride his cock and make him grab and lick my nipples which I love.

He comes almost straight away. We chat and drink champagne and tell each other secrets. It’s nice this bit. He’s already checked if I’m staying and nuzzles into my back saying he likes me to do that. I guess he’s lonely.

We turn each other on by talking about recent sexual experiences: the night before he’d gone to meet a couple in a dodgy hotel but the woman rejected him.

Soon he’s hard again and I take him in my mouth. He’s not too big and not too small so its easy to spend a lot of time with him in my mouth and very quickly he’s coming right down my throat.