The MySpace Star

Yeah. I’m about to fuck someone who is almost half my age. We’ve had phone sex, me for the first time in ages, and less willing but its fun. My god he knows exactly what to say as well. It’s like he’s lifted the words from my brain: “take my cock”. And we haven’t even met yet.

He lives about half an hour from me and has pushed for a Sunday morning meet. I’m horny as a devil and on my period so I’ve used my faithful friend the Flex and let him know. He’s cool as fuck.

I meet him in the local Starbucks for safety. I might be older than him but I play by my rules now. The queue is long and I giggle as I wait for him to collect me a Flat White. He sits opposite me and chats about his journey, his energy and keenness to meet me. I don’t even finish the coffee and take him back.

Upstairs we claw at each other and I kiss him with a hunger that surprises me. The last encounter I had was so disappointing I’m hoping for a lot more. His body is slight with hair in all the places I like – chest and stomach and beard. His eyes, goddamn his eyes are so intense.

I reach into his pants and feel his cock while he gets to work on my breasts. How is this boy so intuitive?

For some reason I’ve already decided I want to actually get into bed with him rather than fuck on top of it. Maybe its his age that makes me want to – its there like a glaring neon sign in the room HE’S YOUNGER THAN YOU but its also a massive turn on.

We climb into bed in just our underwear and he starts to kiss me again. Oh golly am I in heaven?

I feel like I almost don’t need to write anything else: just insert GIF’s of trains going into tunnels, waves crashing on a shore and champagne corks popping.

As I’ve mentioned previously I was despairing of the late 30’s male. The 35-38 year olds in particular who seemed to have no seduction skills, little idea of what to do with a woman’s body and come complete with drink and self esteem issues.

This guy breezes through them all, smashing all my preconceptions and making me come hard three times in a couple of hours. As soon as I ride his perfectly formed cock I’m gone within 5 minutes. He seems to know exactly how to nibble my breasts enough to send me over the edge. After deep-throating it a few times and him asking me to “take his cock” which for some reason hits all the buttons he fingers me with an intensity I’ve not felt before. He’s gentle, considerate and doesn’t make me do anything I don’t want to.

We lie chatting between rounds, he’s funny polite and totally open. He tells me he used to do drugs every weekend but is now clean, barely drinks and doesn’t even have coffee. And they say the youth is fucked – the absolute opposite dear friends.

Then he lets out the MySpace klaxon.

It’s too funny, all I can think of is “the readers will lap this up”.


As he pulls on his trousers and belts up I realise how skinny his legs are. He’s like a little indie kid, 20 years too late and my 28 year old self kicks my now old self. I’m very tempted to ask him to stay forever, but I can’t.