The Dom: Saturday

We haven’t seen each other for six months. We’ve known each other for nearly two years and he is one of the few people I can relax and be myself around. This is despite the fact he’s going to cuff, bind and gag me, make me whimper and lose my shit.

We’re spending the bank holiday weekend together, with a few normal activities thrown in between the absolute filth. So we don’t waste any time by travelling back to mine and getting started. He tells me to get dressed up in whatever I want.

I’m wary – I haven’t had sex in a while. I don’t have sex that regularly any more. But it’s him – I don’t need to worry. I decide I don’t even mind if he says he’s not going to fuck me.

The pseudo latex outfit goes on with the cut out tits. The black slip over it, a thong and suspenders. I don’t get as far as the shoes, he shouts up to ask if he can have a shower. This throws me a little, I now have to wait a bit longer. I fasten the collar and lead around my neck and lie on the bed. The fan sends a delicious breeze directly onto my genitals. oof.

He comes in, still with the towel on. He takes me by the lead and pulls me down to his cock. It’s like going home.

He brings out a hood with the nose and mouth cut out – I don’t actually see it before he gets it on me. He orders me to take down my hair and unfastens the collar and removes it. The hood goes over my head, then a blindfold. My wrists are cuffed and a proper bondage collar fastened on me. Then he starts to bind my breasts with the silk rope, something which I have craved for a long time. I can’t explain it but I’ve always loved them being touched and played with during sex but to have them standing out and bound is sublime. There is that blind panic where I wonder what he’s about to do next. He hasn’t even touched my pussy yet. I conjure up one of those pinwheel things, I know he’s about to do something to my breasts. Sure as hell, he’s got clamps on them. It’s kind of okay but I whimper a little and he removes them after a while.

I am a terrible sub unless my mouth is restricted, he knows this and can’t deal with my giggles. I’m fitted with a ball gag and my wrists cuffed to my head. He forces my legs up and teases my pussy, driving his cock in and out. I try and shy away from it, I’ve got to a place where if he denies me I can handle it. The feel of him inside me is delicious but I know it won’t last. He flips me over and fucks me from behind.

He gets me to lie on my back and his fingers focus on rubbing my clit, he tells me I need to come for him. I think to myself : “you’ll be lucky”.