Unexpected Monday

The facilities manager is messaging me. I’m out shopping on a random day off, not far from home. He asks for pics: I get home and send a few cheeky snaps.

Next thing I know he’s on his way from work. I have 45 minutes to transform from stay at home frump to feline temptress. My hair hasn’t been washed for two days, so it goes up in a slick ponytail. I’m in jeans and a t-shirt so I pull them off and get a matching set of underwear on. I begrudgingly put some sandals on for the first time this year, poke some eyeliner and mascara on. This will have to do.

He arrives and takes off his shoes, he’s already asked if he can have a shower. I wait in my bedroom while he’s in the bathroom. He comes out wearing just his boxers, and sits on the end of the bed. He pulls me to him, and feels my bum. It’s all I need to relax and melt.

Hanging over me is the fact I haven’t come with him for quite some time. I know the time pressure is always a factor – and the way he always notices that I don’t. But his handsomeness and eagerness to go down on me are enough to distract me.

But I nearly come when I’m riding his face and I think about the other guy. I nearly come when he’s face fucking me with his cock and simultaneously finger fucking my pussy. I nearly come riding his cock but I feel too self conscious and cumbersome until I realise he is also bigger than last time. In fact my brain tells me way too many things which aren’t true during our encounter. At one point I try and involve him in a fantasy scenario at work where is is bending me over his desk, but he won’t play. He’s too shy and we’ve never done this before.

He asks for lube; for some reason I grow quite dry with him.The coolness is quite delicious as he works it over my pussy and slaps it.

We lie sweating, catching our breath. He still has a girlfriend.