Thursday 3pm

He was the very last guy I met on the swinging site, and has fucked me up the most. Because I think I’m in love with him.

But let’s push that aside for the moment and cut to Thursday afternoon. I’m supposed to be at work but my notice period allows for me to do whatever I want. So I’m at his for the first time in over a month.

He’s cooking me a late lunch and stressing about it. I’d eat a dry husk of bread and cheese if only to get back my bag of tricks. And maybe some sex. But I’ve started my period, so I’m wearing a flex. Just like the first time I met him.

As he’s cooking he spanks me on the butt with a wooden spoon then hits my breasts. It does the trick. He tells me my bra doesn’t look very supportive, I tell him damn right it’s a sexy one just for him.

We eat a bowl of chicken stir fry each, it’s not seasoned badly and I wolf it down. I ask if he has any satsumas and peel them and de-pith them. I stack them in a line on his chest for him to eat. I joke I’d make a good slave – he tells me he’s not into that.

We both finish eating and he paws at me like a lion. Soon he’s pulling at my skirt and I’m taking my tshirt off and I’m straddling him. My breasts are in his mouth and I feel like a woman again.

We get upstairs and lie on the bed. I’ve told him I’ve craved for him to go down on me so he does. But we have a time limit and I’m conscious of trying to come – fading between trying to and relaxing and enjoying the moment. He’s looking up at me, working my lips and clit with his tongue. I get an occasional brush from his stubble which is delicious and I try to move to get purchase. Meanwhile he’s licking his finger and teasing my ass. Then he lies on top of me and nuzzles my neck, somehow still flicking my clit. It’s the fine line between pain and pleasure again.

He sits up and that beautiful cock of his sways. He’s shaved more closely, and I marvel at its thickness. I reach for it, it stiffens at my touch and he asks me to wank him. I tell him I want to fuck. He says we don’t have time – which now I realise is him wanting to take time to do it not a quick fuck.

At the time I wanted him to fill me up. I wanted to feel his thighs against me, him inside me. I wanted to to the dance again and get into the old rhythm. I tell him to rub his cock over my pussy and tease it. That sends him over the edge, he’s spurting white loops of cum over my pussy. He does a few faces again and then leaps off me.

We both shower and then get into bed. We have 10 minutes before he has to pick up his kids and I scratch him in the places he likes. I hold his balls like a comforter.

Lying naked with him feels like I’ve won for a bit, and the shittiness of the week is further away. Feeling his warm limbs against mine is a delicious luxury I savour.

I dress quickly and he gives me a lift to the tube.


When I get home I check the contents of the bag. It’s months since I packed it – I take out the items one by one. A silk blindfold, stockings still in the packet, suspenders, a collar and lead and a pair of knickers. Lurking there is something else. Odd.

There’s a black silk balaclava too.