The government consultant, again

This time he’s staying in a Park Lane hotel, so of course I can’t resist. It’s been about two months since I last saw him, which is cool enough. He is a true friend with benefits. So as I sashay in through the glass entrance, held open by two doormen I feel especially naughty.

Somehow I’ve even squeezed in an appointment prior to this, to sort out my dodgy back. I’ve decided an osteopath is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It’s also a weird type of foreplay. As I stride into the lift I have a feeling this afternoon is probably an unwritten episode of Sex and the City.

I travel up to the fourth floor and count the numbers until his. I knock and he answers in a crisp pink shirt and white boxers. He grabs me and spins me out of my coat. He’s hard and ready. I’m fumbling to get things off, my bra is undone before I know it. I balance myself on the wall, trying to take off my shoes and tights. He grabs my boobs from behind and pulls my knickers down, his fingers caressing me where it matters. I sit half- astride his knee while he fingers me from behind. What a delight to be touched like this.

I ask if we can move to the bed; he positions me sideways and climbs over me, dangling his cock over my mouth. His hands and tongue get to work on my pussy, and I giggle as I feel myself getting wetter for him.

His dick is a beauty, his balls full and he has fine hairs leading to his asshole which I’m examining probably more than I need to.. And then he jumps up to get a condom, fastens it on and indicates for me to turn around. For the first time in six weeks I have a cock inside me. It feels just like it should and we both move to get purchase and find the sweet spot. I tell him to go harder and for a moment I think he’s about to come. But he’s too good for that.

And then there is a knock at the door. We both freeze, I laugh and he jumps off me. He calls out “I’m busy at the moment” and stands for ages at the door, I presume trying to get rid of his hard on. And then the phone rings. He answers it, giving the excuse he’s about to jump into the shower. It’s room service wanting to give him a fruit basket. And there was me thinking it was someone complaining about the noise.

We start up again and I ask if I can ride him.  I climb on top, my hair brushing his face. He bites my nipples just how I like it. He slaps my cheeks and we talk about the threesome we’ve discussed. I ask him what he wants to see us do. I take it further knowing it will probably never happen. But he’s pretty good and the moment he starts talking about licking us both to see who gets wetter it sends me over the edge. I come astride him, with his hands on my waist.

He comes pumping me from behind, gently then rising to a faster rhythm. I can feel him expand inside me.


Normally I stay for round two. But this time I feel like I want the upper hand. I’m too hot to put my clothes on just yet so I listen to him telling me about a leak in his flat with feigned enthusiasm and by the time he’s finished I am cooler and fully dressed.

As I leave his room a woman comes down the corridor and I wonder what she thinks as she sees me head the wrong way for the lifts.