Saturday afternoon on a week where I already have two notches on my bedpost. Yes, I’m greedy. Insatiable. But sometimes when it comes together like this, I can’t turn it down. Like buses.
We stalk around each other like animals, and then he grabs me, kissing my neck and holding my chin. He pulls off my trousers and sticks his finger slowly inside me. And then his lips, soon he’s pulling my legs wide apart and eating me. This is his passion; his forte. I don’t even need to touch his cock.
We shift to a 69 and I whimper as his beard brushes my pussy lips. I swallow down his cock whole and he jumps, pushing his length further down my throat. He can’t take too much of that so I stop and gasp for breath while he slurps greedily.
He pushes his cock inside, teasing me and bashing it against my cunt. It always drives me wild. He puts a finger in my mouth and pushes his cock inside. We know it’s naughty but it feels so damn good.
I pull out a condom and he positions it on his beautiful cock. I climb on top, we don’t even need to talk about positions – he knows what I like and this is always it.
I can normally only come on top, that or being fingered, or from a tongue. I think I’ve already come twice – its difficult to keep track with N.
I’ve known him for over a year and we seem to have hit our groove. We’ve only fucked around 12 times but those have never been hit and run. He taught me once again that I was attractive and I could lose myself in sexual pleasure and not feel guilty about it. We tried to organise a threesome once but he got scared – and I love him for that. It was utterly selfish to want the two men I enjoy fucking the most to ravish me together.
We come within seconds of each other and afterwards he tells me a story about a woman on a canal boat who he fucked last summer. We’d been talking about guys who come too quick and that was the only time he did. He describes sitting in the boat with the windows open, people walking past. He doesn’t like fucking outside but he felt like he was. And came straight away.
(He tells the story better than I have)
As soon as he leaves I want more.