Tuesday’s Whimper

I’ve just come off my period and am ripe for some intimacy. My preferred partner is not available (let’s skim over the fact he hasn’t been for some months now) so I go with the next nearest, one who actually booty-whatsapped me the previous week but I was busy.
The arrangement is simple: we agree a time, he tells me he may be a little later. I change out of the days underwear and choose a simple lacy one-piece. Slick myself with lube just in case.
He arrives and takes his shoes off, goes straight upstairs. I hug him, his bulk is comforting to me after a week of no human contact.
I remember he won’t go down on him so I don’t pleasure him at all. We kiss and he fingers me gently, then building to a slamming finger fuck. I can hear I’m wet, and then he says it. I pass him a condom and he mounts me.
He isn’t the largest guy in my roster, in fact he is the smallest. And I don’t have much time to enjoy that as within 4 strokes he has shot his load and pulls out.
It’s hard not to be angry. He doesn’t pay any attention to my wanting pussy and demands a cup of tea.In the past the post-coital chats have been fun, but this one last two hours. During which he manages to freak me out, insult me and erase his name from my black book forever.

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