The Property Developer Part 4

He’s in a cab, not far away and she’s excited. Really, feelitinthegut excited. He’d not been sure he was going to make it. She’s celebrating.

She’s wet, she’s dressed up with stockings and suspenders and lipstick and hair done. She’s even played with the buttplug, slicking it first with lube and wearing it around the house. Just in case. She touches herself, but stops herself from coming. Just. 
He arrives in an Uber, blustering in and kissing her with hot lips and hands holding her face. She wants him more than anything. 
She takes him upstairs and laughs as he asks if she is wearing anything special. She lifts up her dress to reveal the underwear. He whistles and starts to undress, folding his suit up carefully. His insistence on doing that is infuriating yet endearing.
She giggles and lies back on the bed, he’s on top of her quickly and feeling for her cunt. They kiss and he’s hungry, it’s hot and he wants to close the door. They fumble for each other, a familiarity now – but not enough to be comfortable. He wants her as much as she wants him. 
He is hard quickly. She sucks him, he adjust his foreskin and explains it’s too tender. She asks him to lick her pussy and he tells her he doesn’t do that. 
She leans back, hands on hips and tells him off. He’s had a bad experience, a girl on her period. She tells him he’ll grow out of it and takes him in her mouth again. 
She kneels between his legs and swallows his length, happy as anything, content to have him there in her mouth. He groans a little and moves his hips ever so slightly. 
“I could fall asleep like this” he says. She stops and a long trail of spit/cum slides from her mouth. 
“Sit on it now” he says.
She needs no encouragement, slipping a condom onto his hot member and guiding him inside her with her hand. 
And here they are again, in her favourite position with a guy who fits her perfectly. Something about his body hair even makes her feel safe. And this time she is confident, controlling. She tells him to suck her breasts, to grab her hips as they clash together and eventually to spank her. She tells him “harder” until it hurts and he says “Come for me baby” and she comes. 
She rolls off him and he goes to the bathroom. They both put their pants back on like a married couple getting ready for bed. 
“I’m thinking I want a girlfriend” he says. “Which is bad news for you” 
She rolls her eyes to the heavens: this is his let’s-keep-her-at-arms-length comment. It doesn’t hurt but it stings, there was no need to say it. 
“I never expected to see you again anyway” she whispers. 
They lie there; eventually she is drawn to look inside his boxers again. he apologises for being soft – she works her magic and this time he pushes her onto him and she lets him. She kneels beside him this time, him playing with her at the same time. 
“I can’t go again, I don’t have the energy” he pants. “Use a toy”.
She gets out the bigger vibe. “Wow, I’ve never even seen one of those” he gasps. She repositions herself and inserts its length inside her juicy cunt, switching on all the buttons. 
She’s ashamed, she never performs like this for anyone – usually alone. It’s too much and she can’t concentrate on him anymore. 
He tells her he wants to fuck her ass; she throws the bottle of lube at him. For someone who hasn’t used it before he does a good job and she’s quickly writhing on the bed with his fingers stabbing in and out of her arse. 
He pulls her legs up around his shoulders and enters her pussy. he’s dripping with sweat and beads of perspiration falls on her breasts. He swings her around, pushes her legs together then apart and pounds her. 
He comes quickly and leaps off her. she opens the windows and they lay there in silence. 
“I have to go” he says and talks about having a shower. “can I use this towel to rub my face?” she nods. 

He dresses again and leaves. She’s happy. 

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