His breathing is steady, and comforting. I nuzzle into his back, and my nipples brush his skin. I let my hand travel over his hips and feel his warm skin underneath the covers. I fall asleep again. 

This time he’s behind me, his fingers following the curve of my ass. I move slightly, slowly to let him know I’m awake, backing into him. I can feel his breath on my neck. 

I move my legs to lie parallel with his, my calves resting against his shins. Our feet twist together, his are cold and mine are warm. He groans, and his hands reach around to cup my breasts. My back arches and he kisses my neck, then my shoulders. 

I twist around to face him and look into his eyes sleepily. Neither of us have to be up yet. I trace a finger down his chest, right down to his dick. He gives me the look, the look that says “go ahead”. I grin.

I plunge under the covers and take him in my mouth, one hand gripping the root, the other steadying his hip. He’s semi-hard, and I’m enjoying feeling him stiffen in my mouth. I move my hand around to grab his ass and pull him further down my throat. 

As I work him, I feel myself getting wet. My nipples are hard, he’s holding my breasts and squeezing them. “Your turn” he whispers. 

I surface, leaving his rock hard cock, and he reaches for my cunt. 

“Gosh, you’re really fucking wet”.