Three – Part Two

We climbed onto the tall bed, all naked by now.

I think we talked a little, or made sure we were all OK with where we were at right now. I know my cheeks were flush, my eyes bright and my breath a little short. My hair was likely a disaster.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and then the good looking one, lifted up my knees and guided himself into me.

We started rocking, he pushing harder in and out, inching further and further in, up and back towards that sweet spot. I leaned back, allowing him to go there and really feeling his large cock.

I reached out for the serious one, grabbing his cock and starting to stroke it, so he wouldn’t feel left out. But also, so that i could start to fill up on overwhelming amount of sex. I was ready for this now.

The guy who was already in me, climbed up onto the bed and we switch positions, me getting on my knees, open to him from the back and so I could take the other guy in my mouth. I took a second dick deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat, being rocked back and forth by the motion of the guy fucking my pussy – it was effortless, really. In fact, I remember thinking how much easier it was to give head, when you’re being guided into it from behind.

Either that bald one came or he had to go to the bathroom. i can’t quite remember – but the way were set up changed.

Oh, that’s right – someone barged into the room and he had to get up and shut it, locking it properly. It killed the momentum, but it was starting to change anyway.

Like a DJ set, I could feel that we were ready to bring in a new track

I turned around and I remember the serious one being underneath me now, switched up – me back sucking on him and his dick and him sucking on my pussy.

Oh man, I still remember it was one of the sweetest suckings I had ever received. his lips were so soft on mine, he didn’t go to harsh with his tongue or race to get me to come, he just smothered his mouth with my very wet and soft cunt. Slippery and sensual

I moaned and the vibration of my throat, hummed on his dick and made him moan. It was heaven – I just wanted to rub my clit up and down over his face all night. The orgasm was constant. Not a single peak moment, but a series of gorgeous releases.

I stained the sheets properly.

I don’t remember what our partner was doing at that time, but it must have been quite the sight. I think he just watched, feeling himself and looking at us and feeling proud. I felt our guy put his hand on my back as I rocked back and forth over this guys luscious mouth, taking in his dick and with his balls tight and soft in my hand.
I was disappointed that it might have to end soon.

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