Message in a bottle

It was my first international work trip. A group of people I hadn’t met before from all parts of the UK – I was the youngest.
Our tour visited Korea and China.
I quickly bonded with a guy who was nearest in age to me. We had a laugh, and above all got along. We were from the same part of the country.
It was a weird time for me. I hadn’t been sexually active for ages. 18 months is some time, right?
Yeah – I said 18 months. That’s over a year. I’d given up. No sex, very rarely wanked, no libido at all. Not even a whimper.
The trip was pretty tightly scheduled and every evening we were guests at some event or other. One night we went clubbing which was an experience in itself. Never before have I made my way to a dancefloor only to find no-one was actually dancing…just sort of standing around. And for some reason the waiters were dressed as pool attendants.
I digress.
Our trip was a week. But then the ash cloud hit and our flights were cancelled. At first the group took it well and made the most of sightseeing.
But then panic set in and people peeled off – one flew to New York, others to Dubai.
There were four of us who stayed. Me and the guy included.
One night we stayed up drinking in the hotel bar. Not a care in the world. No idea when we could even get home or how. An odd yet liberating state of being. We talked about all kinds of things – the fact he was about to get married, my failed relationships. It was nice to be chatting with someone with no agenda. No pressure.
We all retired to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I was horny and I didn’t know why. I didn’t fancy this guy but something had awoken my libido. And once awoken, oh boy.
Of course I was travelling so I had no vibrator or anything resembling one.
I settled down under the beautiful crisp hotel sheets and tried to wrestle with myself. It wasn’t cutting it.
Then I remembered the mini bar. There was a bottle of mineral water with ridges all around the edge.
Freezing cold against my skin.
Not your average apparatus.
It did the job.
And so I can say I had an orgasm in Beijing.