Contains scenes of a strong sexual nature

He was the first and last guy I’ve watched porn with.
It started when I bought him a Polaroid camera. He took pictures of me sucking his cock, in the bath, naked on the bed. it got him hot.
I hated the pictures. I looked weird. He probably still has them.
It moved from there to obscure porn films. We’d watch them together on his sofa, all cosy while absolute filth filled the screen.
He had recently returned from a holiday in Thailand and had all these dirty movies on CD minidisc.
My favourite was called ‘Red Vibe Diaries’. It involved a very attractive blonde woman being fucked by a sex machine. Many times over. In different sexy outfits. She was incredible, I wanted to BE her.
(N.B if anyone can find me a copy I might marry them)
His movie tastes were quite strange to say the least and I spent many a happy hour on that sofa with him.
If we were watching ‘Red Vibe Diaries’ it was a different drill. he’d make sure the door was locked to his housemates. It wouldn’t take long after starting to watch that I’d be hot to trot.
I’d tease him terribly, and we’d try to keep our eyes on the screen without looking at each other while I unfastened his trousers, he fumbled at my zip until we absolutely HAD to put our bits in each other.
I remember one glorious viewing – we’d had a lot of wine – he fucked me bent over one of the arms of the sofa, my head twisted, eyes still on the TV. I came at the same time as the woman on screen, imagining his cock was the lubed-up automaton she was enjoying so much.
And then his dreams came true. He’d talked for ages about two animal porn movies he’d tried to get hold of – notorious apparently.
One was called Animal Farm, the other Dogmeat – it was the latter he’d managed to find.
We settled down to watch the “classic” porno. It was grainy and practically black and white, like CCTV footage. In it, a bewildered Doberman stood on a bed and a couple of women tried to arouse it.
What couldn’t we stop laughing at?
The dog was wearing socks. Like a man who can’t quite get undressed quickly enough.
It was probably the unsexiest porno I’d ever seen.