Suspend disbelief

The photo in the ad was a man, erect, wearing suspenders and ladies knickers with a woman about to suck his cock. There was a beauty and simplicity to it which enticed me.

The deal: we fucked whilst both wearing suspenders and stockings. We exchanged emails: logistics were awkward, he could only meet during the day. He sent me more pictures. I wanked furiously over them, feeling ashamed and excited. 

He arrived, looking like a rock metal roadie, tall and lean with cowboy boots and bandana. Probably the strangest man I’ve had in my bedroom. I didn’t fancy him at all, but there was no going back now.

He slipped off his boots, his jeans and underneath – as expected – silky women’s underwear with stockings and suspenders, the silhouette of his erect cock hardly hidden by the tiny silk panties. It was quite a reveal.

I whipped off my dress over my head, he admired my underwear and we kneeled on the bed opposite each other taking it all in, kissing and touching nervously but with more and more urgency. He tasted of cigarettes and smelt of CKOne. He told me off for not wearing my knickers outside the suspenders for easy access. Oh man. I told him to pull them aside, something which gets me really hot. He needed no encouragement to start licking me, through and underneath the knickers until I was soaked.
He laid back on the bed and I pulled his hard cock out of his knickers. It was a beautiful, incongruous sight. He wanted to keep them on as he loved the feel of the silk against his skin. I cupped his balls with my hand, feeling them through the silk and set to work on his dick with my mouth.

It was the one of the most extraordinary sexual experiences I’ve had. Feeling so wrong yet being incredibly turned on. He ate me out with such gusto that at one point he actually nipped me with his teeth and I cried out and fell back onto the bed. He fucked me so hard my pelvis ached for days afterwards, and all with both of us still wearing the underwear. His energy was incredible, I think he said he was a runner. His legs were definitely better than mine. I remember he made more noise than I did when he came. 

He kept emailing me for a repeat visit. But I didn’t need one. I’d crossed something off my bucket list I never knew was on there.