Cracked Actor

I went for a drink with the receptionist from work: not my best friend at the company but a good laugh nonetheless. We’d gone to a random local place called The Regency, a huge bar/drinking den with red velvet curtains. If it existed now, it would have been the coolest. She had a fiance, I was footloose and fancy free, anything could happen.

I don’t remember how I got chatting to the guy but next thing I knew he was giving me a piggyback to his place. Maybe I had said my feet hurt, maybe he just did it. At his, I sat on the sofa whilst he poured wine and played me Jamiroquai. At the time, that was hip (trust me). He apologised for the mess and said he shared with his brother. He was too cute.

We talked about life and flirted crazily. He wanted to become a chef or an actor he told me. I was smitten. Soon we were in the bedroom, getting down to it, making the moves, putting on the condom, making the noises. We fell asleep tanged together and it was lovely.

In the morning, it was all kinds of awkward. Our activities had somehow started my period. But this guy, this guy, dear reader WENT TO THE SHOP AND BOUGHT TAMPAX FOR ME. 

Not only that, we had the most awesome shower together, and then he cooked me breakfast. Why I never slipped a ring on his finger there and then I don’t know. 

I left, giving him my business card, hoping I’d see him again. I think I found out later he had a girlfriend.

Anyways, the next time I saw him was on Eastenders. Waited until the end credits, yup definitely him.

I guess he chose the actor route. Although his breakfast was damn good.