to the foundations

We weren’t supposed to be fucking. but he invited me to a party out in the zones and I was going to be half way there anyway.

Fuck it, I thought, I need to dance and I can take my time getting home.

I was having a good time, taking it all in, dancing a little,  watching everyone arrive, the music get into it. He arrived with his bro and we said hello, nice to see you, but danced out with other peeps.

I chatted, danced with a guy who reminded me of an ex- but was so high there’s no way.

Then my man caught me griding on a dude I knew I wasn’t gonna go home with, and something clicked.

Next up, he danced with me – all cool’n’patient and I knew he was trying to play it loose. So was I, to be honest. I’d been caught in too deep before and just wanted to leave it casual. I wasn’t even sure if i should be this close to him, if we could just dance and leave.

So when I said I was going home, I really meant it.

But when he said ‘home?’ (with the tone that might as well have said ‘what the fuck are you doing THAT for?’) and instead suggested I go back to his place and ‘say goodbye’, I didn’t mean it anymore.

We were one of the last peeps to leave the club and he ditched a lift so we could walk home. I was in heels, so I hoped it wasn’t too far.

We cut through the back of the Catholic Church and he grabbed my hand and pulled me into an alcove – dark, no one around, and he kissed me, passionately, intensely, soft. His hands, having already been on my but at the club, were on it again, up into my skirt and pulling my tights down quick.

I undid his buckle – the fucking buckle I always wrestled with, and undid his fly, he swung me round, and as I reached out for the wet stone of the church foundations, he dove his strong, hard cock into my own wet foundations.

I am a moaner and damn I moaned. And as we got a rhythm going, I knew i was panting loudly. Damn. And my heels gave me great leverage for really jerking back’n’ forth.

I was taken and I was struck, I was driving him home, riding on his dick, using the wall and swiveling my hips to really grind on the motherfucker.

Fuck it felt good. and he came hard. He held onto me, his arms around my waist, face on my back and shuddered, groaned, growled.

Technically, I hadn’t come, but I’d had such a high ride, I was floating anyway.

We hitched up our pants and tights, got ourselves looking respectable again and kept walking. This time he held my hand.