The Donkey

He worked in the same building. Not for the same company but enough for it to be necessary to have some interaction with.

I didn’t even realise he liked me until my boss said “He REALLY fancies you, you should go for it”.

We skated around each other warily like prize fighters before a weigh in. He told me I always looked angry at work. And that I was gorgeous.

I shrugged it all off of course. At that time the last thing I wanted was a man. I was concentrating on my career. Innit.

But he was always there. Every time drinks or a social occasion cropped up, he was there. Just watching and waiting.

The night it first happened, jagerbombs were involved. Dares. Of course he ended up coming back to mine. I told him to fuck me on the stairs. We started there but got uncomfortable and continued on my hard wooden bedroom floor. Go figure.

He was, reader, hung like the proverbial. He loved me sucking him, but I never let him go down on me.

And boy I loved fucking him on the floor. There was something about it, I didn’t ever want to be comfortable with him because I didn’t want it to feel like a normal relationship.

After that first time he told me not to tell anyone ever. Yet at work, he’d come up and massage my shoulders, tell me to go and wank in the toilet cubicle and BBM me dirty stuff. He was a bad boy.

We fucked a lot. For over a year. He would never take no for an answer. I remember leaving a friends birthday party early to go see him. I remember trying on a dress in front of him I’d just bought and him simply pulling my knickers down, bending me over and slipping his cock between my legs and fucking me from behind in it. Coming up behind me whilst I was washing up and fingering my cunt until I had to take the gloves off and submit. Him pestering me to fuck my ass until I submitted – and then sadly that was all he wanted to do.

We never got intimate at his, always at mine. Call it weird but I can tell on a guys face when its the last time I’ll fuck them. The last time we did it on the sofa, he bent me over, licked his fingers, fingered me for all of five seconds. slipped himself in, thrusted a few times, pulled out and shot his load all over my ass.

It was a fitting metaphor for the ‘relationship’.