This guy was a real charmer. We IM’d for a few weeks, him telling me what he wanted to do to me, asking for my credentials (ifyuhgetwhaddimean)

He kept sending me photos. His profile pics were HOT DAWG already. Then he sent me one from below: arty, Man-Ray-like black and white. His 6 pack and (ahem) package were impressive. I was convinced he was a male model. He said he was a product designer.

More photos kept coming. He was messaging me ALL THE TIME. His torso again. His package. His face. I was lost in a sea of attractiveness, I could hardly believe my luck.

I had it coming really. When I met him, he was smaller than me. Smaller, camp and weasly. And a smoker. Not 6’7, or anything like it. Not as attractive as his photos. The disappointment must have been evident all over my face as he kept saying ’ you seem really nervous’.


We got down to it. Turns out he was a pretty selfish lover. Without a six pack. His photos MUST have been photoshopped. 

He left in a huff saying I was too stressed. 


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